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Zero Dollar Payware is looking for new freeware developers to join the team

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Now that we have just released our latest (and greatest) scenery, its time to start thinking about the future of ZDP. Over the years we have accumulated lots of knowledge and developed new workflows to enable us to create high quality scenery, but we have found we still are limited by one thing; manpower. For that reason we are very exited to host our first ever "Open Developer Application". We're looking to bring more people on to the team with the goal of enabling us to work on larger and more ambitious projects with more frequent releases.

If you've ever done scenery development, or even just have translatable skills such as modeling and texturing, you are eligible to apply! We're looking for people with skills in one or more of the following categories.

  • WED Scenery Design
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • MFS Scenery Design
  • MFS Asset Creation

More information on what is involved with working for ZDP is included in the application. If you've ever wanted to make scenery for some of the worlds biggest airports, but thought it would be too much for just one person, now is your chance to join a team with the ability to do such projects! With a large and diverse team we gain the ability to make any airport in the world without requiring years of work and experience, and do it all with payware quality!

ZDP Open Developer Application: https://forms.gle/j7gwB57M3p8rQeKY6

Applications will be open for 1 week (from today's date), after which point those who have been selected will be privately contacted.

Note: due to digital age of consent restrictions we are not able to accept applications from anyone under the age of 16 and your information will not be recorded.

Mods, feel free to remove if this goes against the rules. 

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