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Dear simmers, i have been for months working through all sim platforms Xplane, MSFS, P3dv5 and all variants of the A320. I am unable to find any single platform that can deliver flawles two crew funtionality and correct and stable modelling. My objective is to find solution, modify or build a light weight A320model specifically for Two crew. Criteria are: realistic rendering, but not required to be replicated exactly, Realistic and stable flight modelling, and seamless independant emulated controllers, with control of independant fully cockpit controls for each pilot on the same datarefs.  (World) graphics not important, I have the settings all bottomed out. I want to practise flight with colleagues and friends after over a year grounded and cannot find a reliable realistic model. FSLA320 is in my opinion the most hifidelity, However its is a trade off between the higest priority two crew and functions and reliability. Datareferences in Xplane Tollis A320 are not complete and very quickly become unsynced. I want the second or even thris person remote link to my machine as server and have independant control of views and inputs. I have seen this done on other games but cannot see anyobe who has done it in flight sims, are there coders out there who have tried this? 

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Buy a real plane. You'll never find one. I've been simming for 30 plus years and worked in aviation industry for several airlines as well as experience in F18s' in the military. Point is I'm not just another kid sitting in his mom and dads basement playing video games. I know what real and these sims don't even come close honestly. Your flying experience real world is a lot less difficult than these sims honestly. Its just a game too me. You wont find any real simulation on any platform if you're looking for something on a personal computer however you'll have to spend big money into a simulator such as ones used by aviation professionals for training purpose, or as I stated.. purchase an airplane. Now I built an actual cockpit for a Cessna a couple years ago and that was a little more realistic experience but again not even close. I ended up tearing it down because it got boring plus I got tired of looking at it. You'll never be satisfied in a simulator. lol. Sorry to burst your bubble but that's just the facts.

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