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X-Plane performance settings guide

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(EDIT: This guide was originally posted in the xEnviro club but is moved here since it can help everyone.) 

Our support team has some advice to test out to gain more fps with xEnviro and X-Plane in general. This example is tested on a an 8-year old i7-4790K @ 4.4GHz and a first-generation GTX1080 on a 2560x1440 monitor (2K). Here are the settings used on this machine:

Remove Nvidia Inspector
First, get rid of nVidia Inspector. Everything you need is in the default Settings menu for nVidia drivers. The Inspector was causing some people problems.

Ortho tips
If you use ortho, be aware of the zoom level. The higher the zoom level the higher the impact. ZL16 and below has little to no effect and in some instances you can even gain FPS. But this is not a given and very case to case sensitive. 

nVidia drivers
If able to; run the nVidia drivers from a different SSD than X-Plane 11 (Always have XP on an SSD/M.2 if possible). Also do not allow nVidia to install the nVidia Experience (offered when updating), and choose the Express installation to retain previous settings. Use latest drivers but never jump the gun and see what others experience first.

nVidia Control Panel
Most settings should be default under the Global Settings tab. Exceptions are:

  • Anisotropic - Application controlled
  • Anti-aliasing Mode - Application controlled
  • Anti-aliasing Setting - Application controlled
  • Anti-aliasing Transparency - Off
  • OpenGL rendering - Auto
  • Texture Filtering Quality - Quality
  • Texture Filtering - Trilinear - ON
  • Threaded Optimization - auto
  • Triple buffering - off
  • Everything else is default

Have a specific Program Settings tab for X-Plane 11. Everything here should be default from Global Settings except:

  • AA Gamma Correction - OFF
  • Power Management - Maximum performance
  • Texture Filtering (negative LOD bias) - Clamp
  • Texture Filtering Quality - Performance
  • Texture Filtering Tri-linear Optimization - ON
  • Threaded Optimization - Auto
  • Vertical sync - Adaptive
  • The other AA stuff at the top of the list are Application controlled by X-Plane.

X-Plane settings:

  • Flight model per frame - 2 (you can try 3 or 4 if you need more frame rate)
  • Visual effects - High (HDR)
  • Texture Quality - High
  • Antialiasing - 2X (you can use None on higher res monitors with no problem)
  • Lateral Field of View - max 150 (this can cause boundary limitations and higher settings cost frame)
  • World Objects - High
  • Reflection detail - Off
  • Use VSync - NOT checked

xEnviro specific: 
These work very well for 2560x1440p:
(only the first three affect fps)

  • Environment Settings:
    • Cloud static quality - Medium
    • Cloud dynamic quality - Medium
    • Cloud detail range - Medium
  • Cloud blur - 50%
  • Cloud crossfade speed - 100%
  • Seasonal changes - 50%
  • Leave drifting snow - OFF unless it is actively snowing
  • Leave wet aerodrome surface - OFF unless it is actively raining

Your xEnviro Support Team Team

(If you have more tips, please post them in this thread and I'll update the post when able)

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