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For those out there with VR headsets could you post the type of unit you have and your experiences.  I'm right on the edge of breaking down and buying one and I want to know which ones work best with X-Plane, and also if I should hold off for the next generation.

Thanks in advance.

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I have only ever used the Rift, and it's a good headset in general. I get around 20 fps in VR which is enough, although settings need to be turned down quite a bit. I find it far more pleasing to turn the Oculus Tray Tool's super sampling and force 45fps override off, otherwise they cause immense stuttering.

A lot of aircraft still don't work in VR, or very poorly. FlyJSim 732, all Flight Factor aircraft and several others have different experiences, mostly negative unfortunately. Hopefully devs will offer support pretty soon.

My specs are: i5-4690K, GTX 970 and 32GB of RAM, no SSDs.

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