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[Part 3] Animate Custom Objects

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The plugin already provides the following pre-animated datarefs which can be used in your custom objects:

Dataref | Values | Description

sam/library/hangar/door20s | 0 - 20 | Runs from 0 to 20 in 20 seconds

sam/library/hangar/door40s | 0 - 40 | Runs from 0 to 40 in 40 seconds

sam/library/hangar/door60s | 0 - 60 | Runs from 0 to 60 in 60 seconds

sam/library/light/obs | 0 - 1 | Runs automatically between 0 and 1 in 2,5 seconds

sam/library/windturbine | 0 - 360 | Rotor blade turning according to the windspeed

sam/library/radar2s | 0 - 360 | Runs automatically between 0 and 360 in 2 seconds

sam/library/radar4s | 0 - 360 | Runs automatically between 0 and 360 in 4 seconds

sam/library/radar6s | 0 - 360 | Runs automatically between 0 and 360 in 6 seconds


Video Tutorial

Create custom datarefs

If you want to animate any custom object by yourself you can easily create custom datarefs with SAM.  Use any common 3D Editor to create your animation. When entering the Dataref simply choose a name to your liking with the following format: sam/ICAOCODE/yourcustomdataref. For example: sam/KJFK/hangar/door

Once the object is finished and placed in your custom scenery you add the dataref the same way like library objects (see above). You have to register your custom dataref first, to tell the plugin that a new dataref should be loaded in the future.

In the Authoring Tool click New Dataref. First select the scenery where the dataref should be saved. Then enter the dataref in the Name field. Choose a convenient description in the Label field.

Then set the values depending on how you want the dataref to behave. The following settings are available:


Checkbox Label | Button name in the user menu

Animated | The dataref has several values and proceeds linear between them

Time | The second in which the dataref will reach the value below when triggered

Value | The value the dataref will reach at the given second when triggered

Add Point | Add the entered dataref time/value to the animation

Clear Animation | Clear the entire animation

Randomize Phase for Instances | Sets a random beginning for the animation for each (!) object instance

Autoplay | The dataref will run and loop automatically

Augment Wind Speed | The speed of the dataref will be influenced by the current wind


ATTENTION: If you are using the dataref the first time ever you have to restart X-Plane after registering the dataref otherwise the plugin won’t load the animation. This only has to be done once for each new dataref.




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