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Speedbrakes Retract After Reverse is Canceled - issue

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Just took version 3.31e for a spin XP11.26.  What a great aircraft!  Thank you so much for all that effort put in this plane it is truly remarkable!

Only noticed that after deploying thrust reversers after landing that the speedbrakes retract when cancelling reverse thrust.  This should not happen.  

The speed brakes should retract when the thrust lever is moved forward, not when cancelling reverse and the throttles are in the idle position.

I followed many advises disabled all plugins and disconnected hardware throttles and flew the zibo 738 v3.31e using keys for the throttles and reversers.  The result was the same.  I had the reverser keys set to “Hold thrust reverse at max”.  After touchdown the speedbrakes deployed as planned. Throttles were brought to idle and thrust reverse was applied using the keys.

When releasing the reverser keys , the speedbrakes retracted immediately. The speedbrakes should not stow by cancelling reverse thrust.  It should take at least some forward thrust beyond idle to stow the spoilers, irrespective whether reverse thrust has been applied or not.  And this is not happening at the moment.  

Looks to me that stowing of the speedbrakes is tied to canceling reverse thrust, which is not correct from my real flying experience on 737 (over 1200h on 737). 

I went deeper and researched all Zibo release notes about this issue, forums and discord channel and lots of people are reporting similar  issue.


Thanks for looking into this!

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I agree. He even acknowledged this is a issue. Apparently it’s more important for people to have the correct paint kit instead of correct flight dynamics 

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