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RWDesigns Twin Otter V2


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Out of the VR Lab: RWDesigns Twin Otter V2

Now featuring custom hotspots, ergonomic yoke, and many other custom hand-tuned manipulators optimized to work with VR touch controllers.  No more axis lines on the throttle and condition levers, no more having to operate each lever one at a time.  I worked very hard to make things just act and "feel" as right as they can.


Manipulators that have been tweaked to work in VR are:

-All Autopilot buttons working
-Flaps with detents you can feel at each marked spot
-Props, throttle, and mixture customized and tuned - Center click spots added to operate both at the same time
-All rotational knobs changed to a knob, using wrist roll and tuned for speed
-All overhead light knobs tuned
-ADF and Transponder knobs tuned
-Oxygen and AC levers tuned
-Trims custom tuned
-OBS dial
-HDG dial
-Altimeter baro pressure knobs
-Altitude Selector knob
-VR Yoke added and tuned *Ergonomic mode only right now, see notes.
-Custom teleport hotspots, including one at the cabin door and in passenger seats


Things that still don't work correctly:

*The yoke is only working in ergonomic mode, even if you have your sim set to realistic setting.  This is due to a bug that would crash to desktop if I tuned it for realistic.  This bug will require support from the developer to fix.

*The tiller is not operable in this release.  It is animated fine with rudder input, it's just not clickable yet.  The plan is to add this in the future once the realistic yoke is fixed.

EDIT **Tiller fixed in V101

*The reverse throttle is backward.  This was built with the old X-plane reverser model, which means you have to assign a button to "reverse toggle".  I used the "A" button on my rift's right controller.  Then you have to push the throttle FORWARD to add reverse thrust, even though the throttle handle animation is going further backward.  Once you toggle back to forward thrust, the animation is in sync again with your hands.  I hope to fix this in the future.


What's new in V101: 

Tiller now clickable and usable with VR controllers. 

Rudder pedal input will override tiller, so keep those pedals still when operating tiller.

Altitude Alert button, GA button and MDA button had texture issues in V100, this has been fixed.

OBS and Heading Knob was moving in steps of 2 degrees at a time instead of 1 degree at a time, this has been fixed.

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Had this installed and made the plane flyable in VR, so thanks guys so much.

But after the recent update by RW Designs for the twin otter (V2.1), once i copy over your files the GPS/radio stack and  Artificial horizon textures don't display correctly. I don't know how to attach a picture sorry.

The artificial horizon only covers half the gauge, and there are see through gaps on the GPS acreen

Without your files i cant fly the twin in VR as they yoke disappears when i click it.

But with your files i cant navigate as the GPS doesn't work.

I am using the reality XP GTN750 which has worked perfectly before with your files, and have tested with the latest version of the otter without your files and it works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and kind regards




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