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IXEG 737-300


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Out of the VR Lab: IXEG 737-300

Nearly everything that is movable in this aircraft has been customized and tuned with VR controllers in mind.  At last count, 189 manipulators have been VR upgraded or adjusted.


Highlights of things tweaked to work in VR are:

-VR Yoke in realistic mode
-Throttle with detents you can feel at transition from flight idle
-Flaps with every detent added to haptic vibrational feedback
-Perfectly tuned IAS bugs around the airspeed indicator
-All knobs tuned
-All switches tuned with respect to functionality, i.e. holding the switch down and on release, it springs back to centre.
-Speed Brake with haptic detents
-Reverse throttle perfectly tuned
-Center throttle manipulator added to control both throttles at once
-Elevator trim tuned for accurate speed
-HDG dial
-CRS dial
-Altimeter baro pressure knobs
-Altitude Selector knob
-IAS knob
-VR Yoke added and tuned
-Custom teleport hotspots, including one at the cabin door and in a wing window passenger seat.


Things that still don't work correctly:

*On the pilot side FMC, the top right line select button click-spot is a bit shifted to the right, but still functional.

*When you grab the reverse throttle to actuate it, you have to "click" it once before you can move it.  Not sure why.

*The yoke has some hydraulic speed limits coded into it.  It's not noticeable if you are flying her easy and correctly, but it can only be pitched and rolled so fast.  I don't think this is a bug, but it's a noticeable thing and is a bit different than the other SimVRlabs aircraft.  You definitely feel just a tad disconnected from fast and small corrections.


Installation Instructions:

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.  This update in no way effects flight model or systems, only manipulator interaction with regards to VR, and some VR teleport hotspots added.

I recommend making a backup copy of your X-plane 11/Aircraft/IXEG 737 folder.  Just rename it to something like IXEG 737 Old, so you can easily just revert back if you need to.


Step 1. Unzip the file and you'll find 2 files.   Add both the B733_vrconfig.txt file and the B733_cockpit.obj to your Aircraft's root folder, overwrite.

Step 2.  Enjoy!


Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported IXEG update, so don't expect support from them on it. If you need help you can always ask me through the support section of the website or just revert to your backed up folders. If you lose the old files and just want to reset everything just reinstall the aircraft.



You must be a member of the club to download any files so please go ahead and join up, otherwise you will get an error.


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