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[UPDATE] Version 1.0.3 released

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Hello guys,

SAM is updated to 1.0.3 and it's a crucial update in terms of jetway operation.

We had numerous issues with incorrect docking locations on different aircrafts. 90% were correct while under some circumstances some offsets appeared. The reason was that we didn't consider the door rotation into our calculation as well as the fact that a jetway does usually not connect in the middle of the door but with a slight offset to allow the door to be opened within the rain cover of the jetway.

So in short: We recoded the animation so that it should work correctly on all aircrafts now.

Unfortunately we had to change all library jetway templates so you have to update your configurations. If you created custom jetways please change the description values to the exact ones of your object. Use your 3D editor to read out the correct numbers.

Furthermore we changed the file format of the pole VDGS objects. You can still use them as legacy objects but they won't be updated anymore. Please replace them by the new pole objects which does not require to reconfigure them in SAM.

For the already supported sceneries we created updated configurations including the changes mentioned above so they will be up to date pretty soon.

Greets Marten

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