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YAK-55M by NDA VR Conversion Mod

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This mod was created by Father-Son Flight Simulator, a member of the SimVRlabs club. The file is provided free of charge and will be maintained here on Threshold SimVRlabs club from the point of this posting as hobby time permits!

This is my first project to give back to the community AND my first attempt at doing a VR improvement from an originally non-VR supported plane. If you load the original plane in VR mode, it works but the buttons and switches are really hard to manipulate and don't feel natural. If you enjoyed flying this plane before, in VR it will blow you away! Perfect for practicing aerial acrobatics.

The file updates the work by X-Plane.org and Nils: http://nd-art-and-technology.com/ by modifying the cockpit OBJ file and adding a vrconfig file. It makes the manipulators that are already available more easy to manipulate in VR mode and adds a cockpit hotspot so you can get in and out of the plane using the teleport function.

The Mod makes the following changes:
- Joystick and Throttle controls are now operable with VR controllers and tuned to match VR motion controllers. The Joystick is also mouse clickable in 2D mode.
- Cowl flap travel path adjusted and tuned to match VR motion controllers
- Primer switch path adjusted and tuned to match VR motion controllers
- Several click points have been resized and centered on the panel for the various knobs.
- All knobs (radio knobs, OBS, barometric pressure, mag position, etc) have been adjusted to use a rotation motion with VR controllers and tuned for rotational speed.
- Pilot teleport spot created and tuned for a person of average height.

Must have the original YAK-55M for X-plane 11 installed, get it at: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40784-yakovlev-yak-55-by-nda/&do=download&csrfKey=e331fb60e43a20b464eeed5e20257e1d


1. Install the original plane by unzipping it into your .../X-plane 11/Aircraft/Extra Aircraft folder.

2. It is highly recommended you backup the original file first: YAK-55M_cockpit.obj (Rename to YAK-55M_cockpit-original.obj)

3. Simply extract these files into the YAK-55M top folder, wherever you placed it in your aircraft folder; allow replacement of file: YAK-55M_cockpit.obj

Find my Youtube Channel and video demo at: 

Disclaimer: This mod is not officially supported by the original aircraft designer. Please do not ask him for technical support related this modification.

YAK-55M_VR Conversion.zip

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