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Lancair Legacy VR Conversion Mod


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This mod was created by Father-Son Flight Simulator, a member of the SimVRlabs club. The file is provided free of charge and will be maintained here on Threshold SimVRlabs club from the point of this posting as hobby time permits!

This file is a VR Conversion of the Lancair Legacy by Harranssor, which has been made available to 
the community for free at X-plane.org. You must first install this plane and then apply the conversion.

Note: these changes will also fix several issues found in the 2D version!
This VR conversion may be desired even if you do not utilize VR.

Items Changed in this VR Conversion:

- Virtually ALL buttons and knobs on the GPS, radios, and autopilot had to be rebuilt for VR
- Cockpit display and light intensity knobs changed to rotation motion for VR mode and drag axis for 2D mode
- Fuel and fuel adjustment switches work on the right panel in VR using rotation dial in VR mode and drag axis for 2D mode.
- Fixed the Garmin SL30 knob (right side knob) to perform nav/com/obs dialing based on:
    Com mode, Nav mode, Navcom 1-2 select, and OBS select.
    Note - the inner dial was not originally modeled, so I added one.
    IMPORTANT: the Garmin SL30 is inseparably tied to the glass cockpit display, 
    Hence the CDI must also be selected in the menu for the Nav you want to adjust the OBS for, 
    otherwise the SL30's OBS dial will be locked! 
- Fixed the Garmin SL30 flip flop button to work in VR for all navcom mode selects based on 
    Com or Nav mode, and Navcom 1 or 2 select.
    In navcom 1 mode, it will flip the com and nav standby on the GPS GS-530 in tandem.
- repaired the inner and outer knobs and push functions on the GPS GS-530, these knobs now work with 
  rotation motion in VR using the VR controller.
- Autopilot knob now adjusts the heading bug instead of barometric pressure.
    Note: Adjust barometric pressure using the menu option buttons.
- Added push to sync function on the autopilot heading knob
- ALL knobs tuned for rotation dial speed for the VR controller for VR mode.
- Key activates and also is tuned for VR controller rotation for mag 1, 2, both and start.
- Fuel tank select changed to a rotation motion in VR and tuned.
- Joysticks are now manipulated with either the mouse in 2D or with VR controller in VR mode.
    Copilot uses simple joystick mode, but the pilot joystick is tuned to the VR controller motion.
    If you are flying using VR controllers only, recommend realistic and latch mode on.
- The canopy open and close lever toggle in between the seats is fixed, it's now visible and works in VR.
- Created teleport locations for pilot and copilot seats. (tuned for an average height individual)
    Please note: In this plane you sit pretty far back as the seats are somewhat reclined.

1. Must have the Lancair Legacy installed into your aircraft folder
(See link below; Just download and unzip it into your "....\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Extra Aircraft" folder.)
2. It is recommended to back up the original Legacy_cockpit.obj file (rename it to Legacy_cockpit-original.obj)
3. unzip the VR conversion file into the aircraft folder directory and allow replacements if requested.

Special thanks to Harranssor for providing this plane to the community and acknowledging my request to 
make this modification for VR. A very special thanks to Joe K. @ SimVRlabs for helping me overcome the 
technical hurdles faced during the modification project.

You can find a Demo Video explaining and highlighting these features at: 


Harranssor's Lancair Legacy is often featured in the downloads section.
Find it at: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41357-lancair-legacy-fg/&do=download&csrfKey=e331fb60e43a20b464eeed5e20257e1d

Disclaimer: This mod is not officially supported by the original aircraft designer. Please do not ask him for technical support related this modification.

Lancair Legacy VR.zip

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