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Laminar 172 SimVRlabs VR yoke mod

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For VR-controller-yoke pilots, this file replaces the "green blobs" of the yokes with a more elegant and transparent slim green outline. 

Also the trim switch on the pilot's yoke now works with VR controllers.

Also cleared the green click spot off of the elevator trim wheel, so the textures come through and you get a better sense of how your vr controller is spinning the wheel.


Installation instructions:  copy your aircraft/laminar/172 folder and paste a backup copy somewhere else on your computer.  Unzip the downloaded mod, then paste the 3 files in your aircraft/laminar/172 folder.  Overwrite.  When you update X-Plane it will ask you if you want to "Keep the old file" or replace.  I recommend replacing, then re applying the SimVRlabs mod.  


Don't forget to join the club, not just the forums, or you will get a download error (file not available).



Laminar 172 SimVRlabs yoke mod v100.zip

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