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Captain Kitten

Move your entire custom scenery folder to another drive

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If you, like me have X-Plane on an SSD and your ortho on another drive, then a simple shortcut of your ortho folders dropped into your custom scenery folder is enough. Many people use symbolic links for this, but I have found that a shortcut does the job just as well.

To create a shortcut just open both destinations (custom scenery folder and your ortho dump folder) and drag / drop while holding the alt key.
(sort the .ini file later)


But if you like me also are running out of space on your SSD because of ORBX True Earth or other space invading files and folders; a folder junktion might be the solution.
This makes a "gateway folder" in your x-plane folder called the same as the target folder.

This is MUCH easier than you think and takes approx 5 minutes in addition to the copy process.

Here is what you do:

  • Download LinkShellExtention (Please donate if you are to keep using it)
    • Install it as instructed (It will have to restart the explorer so don't get freaked out if it closes all your folders
  • MOVE your entire custom scenery folder to where ever you want it to be
  • Right Click on the destination folder (the one you moved to the other drive) and click "Pick Link Source"
    • picklinksource.png.6fc7121f0747c9cc79235b74b2d8729d.png
    • Now go to your X-Plane folder (there should NOT be any custom scenery folder in there now)
  • Select the root X-Plane folder (yes, the whole x-plane folder)
    • Right Click on it and "Drop as Junction"
      • submenue.png.a43a6708b1033f3eaf6df37838750b12.png
  • You should now have a Custom Scenery folder in your x-plane root directory that is a junction to the real custom scenery folder in the other destination so ALL scenery placed there appears as usual.
    • These folders should be "mirrored" now so it should not matter in what folder you add/remove scenery

Test this and give feedback on your experience. It worked straight away for me and I can finally have ALL of GB in ORBX glory. I just dropped all of my ortho's in there as well. I am unsure how a Junction would work within a Junction so if anyone has tried that, please let me know how that went.

For more tips and tricks read the Threshold Beginners Guide (link at the top of the forum)
Thanx Marten Krull for this tip!

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