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Republic SeaBee RC3 VR Conversion Mod

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This mod was created by Father-Son Flight Simulator, a member of the SimVRlabs club. The file is provided free of charge and will be maintained here on Threshold SimVRlabs club from the point of this posting as hobby time permits!

This file is a VR Conversion of the Republic SeaBee RC3 by Denis Designs, which has been made available to the community for free at X-plane.org. You must first install this plane and then apply the conversion.

Note: these changes were done with respect to maintaining 2D functionality as much as possible.
- The HSI does not work upon initial load of the plane - to get around it just reload the plane once you have your engines started (Menu: Developer/Reload the current aircraft and art)
- The transponder display, when on, only shows alt mode regardless of being in standby, on, or alt mode.

NOTE: The 2D menus and the popup screen with GPS/Autopilot are not supported with this VR Modification

Items Changed in this VR Conversion:
- 7 teleport hotspots added at various points of interest in and outside of the aircraft. (Pilot, copilot, left & right passengers, bow door, fuel spout, and engine cowl)
- All doors changed to toggle manipulators instead of drag_axis manipulators
- All knobs changed to rotational manipulators rather than drag_axis
- All knobs tuned for a comfortable rotational speed
- Push to sync heading bug added on the heading bug knob on the HSI
- Throttle, Prop, Mixture, Carb Heat, and Parking brake/Anchor changed to manipulate in the Z-axis
- Magnetos now work on a rotational manipulator
- You can now grab the yoke with your VR controller (or Mouse in 2D). Pilot side yoke is tuned for VR controller movement. (You can still toggle the pilot and/or copilot yokes)
- Fuel fill is changed to a rotational manipulator instead of a drag_axis
- Fuel cap is changed to a toggle manipulator
- Elevator trim lever now works using a drag_rotate manipulator and can be latched with the VR controller
- drag_axis for the electric elevator and rudder trim buttons path lengths reduced by 50%

1. Must have the Republic SeaBee RC3 (XP11) installed into your aircraft folder
(See link above; Just download and unzip it into your "....\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Extra Aircraft" folder.)
2. It is recommended to back up the original SeaBeeRC3_cockpit.obj file (rename it to SeaBeeRC3_cockpit-original.obj)
3. unzip the VR conversion file into the aircraft folder directory and allow replacements if requested.

Special thanks to Denis Designs (dden) for providing this plane to the community and acknowledging my request to 
make this modification for VR. A very special thanks to Joe K. @ SimVRlabs for reviewing the work in progress and offering advice on the project.

You can find a Demo Video explaining and highlighting these features at: 



seabeeRC3 VR Conversion.zip

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