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Threshold X-plane Beginners guide

Captain Kitten

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The X-Plane Beginners guide

by Threshold



Welcome to X-Plane! The ultimate flight simulator, constantly growing and evolving, thanks to you and developers.
We hope you've read the manual (yes, it's actually important!), and just about every question that has been asked has also been discussed or answered in Youtube videos. There are also many  "how to" guides and suggestions for X-Plane add-ons on YouTube as well.

Here are some useful sites to visit:

We have established a platform for developers and users to meet the community's needs of a neutral and independent platform for all things x-plane. Threshold consists of three main parts: The Editorial delivers the latest news and in depth articles ablout X-Plane. The Threshold store offers carfully selected quality addons and is made with both customers and developers in mind. The forum is taliored for the best interaction between developers and users. It features clubs which enables developers to have their own forum to offer support and communication.

X-Plane.org is commonly referred to as the "org". It is, contrary to common belief not in any way affiliated with Laminar Research but it is one of the oldest and by far the biggest community for X-Plane and has almost everything X-Plane related you could think about. If you don't find what you want there, there will likely be discussions and/or links about it in the forums.

Before exploring what X-Plane.org has to offer, take note that there is a rule in the forums in which you're required to post two answers before being able to create new topics. Read the forum rules to get a better understanding of the overall expectations and customs of the .org forums.

In addition to the large community housed within the forum, X-Plane.org also is known for its store. Many aircraft, sceneries, and addons are sold there. A download repository in the forums containing hundreds of thousands of user modifications, freely downloadable, is also available to registered members of the .org. There you will find many major airports (and thousands of smaller fields), aircraft, and other plugin based work uploaded for, and created by, the community.

X-Pilot & X-Aviation
Another store to check out is X-Aviation. Home of the IXEG-737, which is widely considered to be the hallmark of X-Plane aircraft simulation, on the turboprob side, a noteworthy addition to your hangar is the SAAB 340; arguably one of the best turboprop simulation - utilised by real world airlines and SAAB themselves.

For most airports submitted in the Download repository, you will most likely need an additional library for the airports objects. The libraries are “collections of objects” that developers use, and you will need them in order for your airports to work. This master list outlines almost every X-Plane library known in the community, and we suggest you to bookmark this to stay up to date on the latest library revision/version.

Useful links

Purchase and Installation

Steam or direct purchase?


Both has advantages and disadvantages
STEAM makes X-Plane dependent on its own file structure and you will need a workaround to be able to make one or more working copies of X-Plane somewhere else or on another disk. This is useful when you want to add content and start messing with the file structure. Or want to opt in on the beta. You will of course still be able to make a backup through STEAM as usual (Steam menu > Backup and Restore settings) And this is highly recommended if you start messing with addons. Direct Download (OR DVD purchase) gives you the option to make as many copies as you want of X-Plane to mess, mod and tweak with. It must be on the same computer or you will need multiple licenses. You will be supporting LR as much as you can and not give 30% or more of the amount paid to STEAM (this effect goes double at steam sales). LR is not a big company and we all benefit from their usage of available resources. So bottom line: we recommend Direct Purchase.

NOTE: Threshold store does also offer X-Plane.
If you want to support us and still give a large margin to Laminar you can find it here.


Will it run on my computer?
Do check the Minimum Requirements for X-Plane.
One rule of thumb is: the more addons and the more complex addons you want to install, the beefier system you will need.
If you still are uncertain, we suggest you to download the demo and test it if it works as you intended on your system.

Using X-Plane 10 add-ons in X-Plane 11
Yes, many of your addons will work in XP11. But you might want to revisit that particular addon's website to clarify if there has been an XP11 update for it or if one is needed. Do NOT copy/paste your entire custom scenery folder, your plugins folder or your aircraft folder! Trouble and Headaches will ensue. If you do copy stuff over from your XP10 install, then copy one by one and test them.

There is a program that developers use called X-Reloaded. With this plugin, you can reload x-plane without having to restart it. In general scenery addons do work well in XP11, airplanes get a maybe (if they don't require an installer) and plugins are questionable. Rule of thumb: the more complex the addon, the less likely it will just let itself copy over.


Where to install?

STEAM will install X-plane in its own folder hierarchy if you do not specify it to install somewhere else. The file structure is as follows: [.../STEAM/SteamApps/common/x-plane11]

LR direct/DVD installation
The C  drive is almost always your system disk and installation on this disk should be avoided if possible. No harm in installing here, but make two top folders for X-Plane on a separate disk. One is the X-Plane install and the other is for the downloaded storage of your X-Plane add on files (how to install aircraft and scenery to X-plane is described further down). Installing X-Plane on a SSD gives you NO performance advantage other than loading times. You can have parts of your X-Plane file structure on another disk, even an external or a network drive, (but that is not for beginners and we won't divulge into that here).


(A clean setup from the start gives you good control all of the time. And always keep a backup of your original install - OR a working copy of modded X-Plane)

For a good tutorial on how to set up your simulator after install, check out Stealthbob's video post of Catstrator's tutorial here.



Do NOT opt-in on the beta releases unless you really know what you are doing. Beta releases are there to be tested if the version to be released next is stable or not. Names usually follow this convention: "11.XXb2" The beta then goes to "release candidate" versions, they are still considered unstable. Their names are usually something like 11.01r1 or 11.01rc2 and so on. If you are a normal user – just ignore beta.

To be very clear: Leave that checkbox in the installer alone.To roll back from an accidental beta install, un-check the opt in for beta box in the installer and run the installer as if to install X-Plane anew. The installer will then roll back to latest stable release. But if you do know your way around betas and know what that means please do test a beta now and then (On a separate instance of X-plane). LR needs beta testers and that is why that option is there in the first place:



Other things to consider

Be aware that the more mods you install, the more resources your simulator will demand from your computer. That does not mean that every mod will crunch your fps, there are even addons that will have no effect or even improves FPS while enhancing your simulator at the same time. Be sure to check the minimum requirements of the addon you choose to install.

Never install more than one addon at a time and take your time researching the addon you are installing. Check that your installed addon works before installing the next. Many addons do NOT work well with others. Also, check if the addon is XP11 compatible. Many XP10 or even XP9 addons work out of the box in XP11 – but if the developer does not give guarantees for it – do not expect it to work in XP11. Rule of thumb: the more complicated; the more you need that guarantee.

If you plan to add tons of addons. Make a copy of the original installation of XP11 and put it in a vault where it is not touched.

Get to know the folder layout in XP if you start with modifications. Some addons install themselves with an installer (most payware do) but more often than not you will have to install your newly acquired mods manually.

This is a typical X-Plane 11 folder structure:


This is the Aircraft folder

The Aircraft folder is where you put your extra aircraft. Unpack the downloaded aircraft and just move it over to the aircraft folder. You may make sub-folders such as “my hangar” and such, but keep it clean and shallow (not folders in folders):


You need to create a new subfolder and call it whatever you want, such as "My Hangar", from there on- any downloaded aircraft should be placed in that folder you've just created. Do not place it directly inside the Aircraft folder as X-Plane needs a subfolder to categorise the Developer.

If you have copied your new aircraft to the Extra Aircraft folder, then you will have to tick the box for extra aircraft in X-Plane or it will not show up in x-plane's aircraft page.

The X-Plane11/Custom Scenery folder is where you move your extracted airports and scenery folders. Be sure to follow your content creator’s instructions! Some addons need special treatment and there is almost always a readme file with instructions in the unpacked folder.The X-Plane11/Resources/plugins folder is where your plugins go.


Huge Custom scenery folder?
If you run out of space on your HDD and need to add another you may want to look at this guide below.
(Easy and short. Takes you less than 15 minutes to set everything up properly)
If you follow this guide then everything will look and function just like normal only the location of your custom scenery folder is on another disc.



Add-ons and examples

Difficulty of installation and/or usage:
O - Easy, X - Slight Difficulty, XX - Difficult, XXX - Geek Level

(O/X freeware/payware)

One of the best Airliner simulation you'll find on any simulator is the IXEG 737 classic. You'll also have the Flightfactor 757, 767 witch are good and the LES SAAB340, which is another highlight in X-Plane as one of the best turboprop available. There are tons of other great Airliners out there so don’t hesitate to ask for other peoples favorites. Same goes for all other aircraft, turboprops, GA, gliders, micro or military. If you don't have the money for the IXEG (you should save up for it if you like 737's..) then there are mods to enhance the default 737-800 - called ZIBO mod. And many others.. Search for it  Last but not least: Liveries. Tons of liveries all over the .org and the Threshold forum as well for just about every freeware or payware aircraft. If you want high quality liveries, check out Cessnarox.

(O/X/XX freeware/payware)

XPlane has a “feature” called X-portal where content creators can add their creations and maybe get them in on the next XPlane update. This database and thus XP’s default airport database is growing fast. But there will always be airports missing. Just search the .org for the airport near you or where you want to fly. Search by name or ICAO code.You will most likely find it in the .org. Just be aware that big complex airports get system demanding pretty fast. So your 486 with 75Mhz turbo boost might struggle here even with the button firmly pressed.

One thing you will HAVE TO KNOW or airports & scenery won't work (You can skip this step and go download X-Organizer mentioned a bit further down - it will sort this for you. But if you get into trouble and see errors, then come back here and read on.)

Where as aircraft are usually straight forward, airports will often have to be manually put in the right order in the scenery_packs.ini file. Not that hard to do but must be done for the scenery to load correctly. First: drag the airport into the Custom Scenery folder.

Start XP (this is for XP to recognize the new content). Close XP again and just open the scenery_packs.ini from your custom scenery folder with notepad or a text editor of your choice (I use notepad++). In that list you will now find the new scenery. Cut it out and paste it in where it should be located. (Airports on top) If you are unsure where your scenery goes, check the link under the warning tag below Ortho4xp section.

You can easily work in the Custom Scenery folder rather than in the .ini file if you wish to. You can rename all your sceneries so that they are in alphabetical order and in the order required by XP.  Just delete the .ini file whenever you add new scenery and X-Plane will create a new one with the alphabetically ordered folder names on next start. But do not rename Libraries (!) as this WILL lead to errors. You will not be freed of editing the .ini file in this regard since when adding new libraries and such, you will have to check that they are in the right loading order.

You can order your airports as you like,  by country, then by ICAO code, then by name. If you want to start making your own scenery the tool to use is called World editor or WED.  (A good tutorial) ----> this is not a part of what beginners should start off with. I just wanted to mention it for those who might be interested and if you have had some experience with computers it is not that hard.

Want to try making scenery for x-plane? Bill Womack from iBlueYonder has made a VERY comprehensive introduction to it all. Read all of it here.

WARNING! Once you share work where you have used ortho4xplane or other scenery photos from sources that you have no agreement with, you are risking a heavy lawsuit from the provider. The other problem with this is that you risk closing off this access to free personal usage of areal photos for everyone. Once you throw in a donation request or charge money for it, this goes double. That there are many scenery developers that have ignored or are ignorant towards this problem among the available sceneries in the.org or elsewhere is not an excuse to commence sharing such projects and it is still considered piracy.

Scenery order in  .INI file

  • Airport scenery
  • City single objects, certain buildings, bridges, statues, etc.
  • Whole City scenery
  • Airport terrain
  • City/State terrain
  • Orthoimagery scenery
  • Global OSM
  • Global Mesh


(O payware)

I can't recommend this program enough. It organizes and keeps your x-plane folder tidy. It has a good amount of functionality and is a very useful tool to keep your head on top of what you have installed. A great tool and there is a reason I mention this one first .Pro tip: I use xOrganizer to choose between non compatible addons such as Skymaxx and xEnviro. You only need to do this once to change what you want X-Plane to load and you can then start XP normally through the XP shortcut.

(O/X payware)

This is a fantastic tool that adds an instructor in to your cockpit that keeps you on your toes to do everything by the book. This is a great tool for beginners, students and seasoned pilots to learn and keep skills within almost every aspect of flight.


(XX freeware)

If you want photorealism - then check it out (you will hear a LOT about that program here and everywhere. Ortho4xplane is a program that generates photorealistic tiles of your chosen area (if there are providers for it). It covers most of the world but be aware that this addon gets space consuming fast! W2XP is something you will hear about in the same breath as ortho4xplane. It adds autogen based on OMS data. Works great with Ortho but is not an absolute must. It replaces the default autogen. HDMesh is the last one in this scenery galore trio. It is the “heightmap” of the downloaded area. Ever seen those stunning Xplane pics from the Alps (LOWI and such)? Yeah, that’s probably made with these three buggers.

WARNING! This ortho stuff is not easy at first. If you are uneasy with editing config files or just generally a nervous poor sod, then stay away from this section and never return. But if you get this right then not only does your sim look fantastic, but the reward of completing something like this could develop into a minor fetish for tile rendering. I won’t judge – if you don’t. Some info and a good overview can be found here. Ortho, w2xp and hd mesh is a big theme and I have made a minor wall of text out of it… That wall of text continues at the end of this gude. Questions about scenery? Ask in the forums or on a X-Plane facebook page of your choice.What? I didn't shake off your interest on ortho? If yes, scroll on. If no - I have compiled a small how to at the end of this guide...


(X payware)

Seasons for X-Plane! March 2018 marks a change in X-Plane history. While we have had ortho-tiles converters and attempts on seasonal packages before; this one stands out as one complete package that does not require a science degree to get to work. (It does not work with ortho4xp tiles, but you can easily switch between them in xOrganizer) Head over to MaxxXP to read more about this plugin.


(XX donation ware)

This is an alternative to ortho4xp. The difference being that this is a plugin that starts with X-Plane and it generates tiles per position of the aircraft. It might be an easier way of getting photo realistic scenery, but ortho4xp is better if you want to create large areas fast.


(X payware)

Now that I have experience with this I would say it is the best offline ATC even if it is pricey. You also have 124th ATC which is a lot lighter and cheaper - but better than default ATC (Which to be honest... is rubbish --> BUT a new and refined default ATC is being worked on today by Austin Meyers himself) Pilot2ATC will be compatible with WorldTraffic3 in the future. (see further down about WT3)


(O payware)

Default weather is getting better and better in XP - but if you want that little extra you can start pulling your hairs out when you want to choose between the two pay ware addons. There are more or less confirmed rumors that Active Sky Next and other current P3D weather addons are coming to X-Plane. No dates or any real info is given on this. While it is very highly anticipated by many, no one knows if they will be able to do a better job of presenting the weather on the X-Plane platform than the two existing competitors. With that said - more competition on this is a good thing. (maybe except for your hair when trying to choose one over the other)


(O Donationware)

This addon will give you total control over camera views (a bit daunting at first glance maybe - but well worth it!)This is a MUST HAVE if you use track ir. Setting the boundaries of movement in x-camera makes all the difference when trying to keep your head in the cockpit.

For Your Information: Use the arrow keys to move left/right, or up/down and period' and 'comma' keys to move forward and backwards (Keys over right ALT key) Use ctrl + NUMpad Keys to save camera angles. More on this under keyboard shortcuts further down. For more control than what default gives you: use x-camera.


(O freeware)

Yup, just that. Shakes head (Is compatible with X-Camera.)


(O freeware / donationware)

If you like flying in 3rd person or outside view, scenic flyer adds a basic instruments panel to your screen.


(X payware)

Pilot2ATC is one of the best offline ATC you could get in X-Plane. You'll also have 124th ATC which is a lot lighter and cheaper - but better than default ATC (Which to many is underdeveloped, A new and refined default ATC is being worked on today by Austin Meyers himself) Pilot2ATC will be compatible with WorldTraffic3 in the future. (see further down about WT3)


(O freeware)

An “autoloader of scenery” elements such as autogen that only loads in as much as your system can take at a time. (good for low end systems)


(O freeware)

If you want to throw in some economic aspect and "play career mode". This too may seem a bit daunting at first and it is in essence web-based with a small plugin for XP itself. So don't expect a full blown transport tycoon like experience or a fancy GUI. But once you are in and get the basics: Definitely worth a go!

(O Payware)

These are AI traffic for your simulation world. Default AI is.. well lets say I feel more alone with them there than without.. Like the promise of a close companion and getting a 1980's toy robot that has 2 functions. X-Life is an almost plug and play addon that automatically adds routes for AI. WT3 is the same but is not as plug and play. In return WT3 is the most advanced of the two with AI relating to the environment such as wake turbulence and more.For a comprehensive guide on how to get WT3 running - read this


(XX freeware/payware)

I have not tried these yet myself since I find them daunting (get a grip!) But I hope I will get my nerves together in the future to get over my initial fears. What is it you ask? Oh, sorry – it’s online live ATC for your inter-humanistic communicational needs. You actually talk to a human who plays the role as ATC. I need to be corrected on what I write about these since I am a total noob.

Vatsim and Ivao are somewhat similar, Ivao has more people flying and controling, they are both free. Pilot Edge is a Professional network that has real world ATC 24/7 but only covers some parts of the US. I would say that this is NOT for beginners as such – you should know your system and what you are doing before going into these addons. If you want to know more:

| VATSIM | PilotEdge | IVAO

If you decide to take the plunge into this side of flight simming, then this script might help you along.

FYI: List is non-exhaustive. Ask and it is probably made, being made or someone here will take an interest in making it. And as you can see there are no addons that go under the full geek difficulty. Make a copy of your X-Plane folder today and start expanding your X-Plane! Remember that the X-Plane community, although growing extremely fast since the launch of XP11, is still small compared to FlightsimX and Lockheed Prepar3D. The backside of having such a small crowd is that the major developers don't see profit and therefor hesitate to start large projects. Plus side is that the community is a tight one and that it is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Smaller developers now also have a chance to get bigger and maybe compete with the "big boys" like PMDG from FSX nad P3D down the line. Orbx has released a handful of sceneries already and have announced that we can expect more in the time to come, so things are happening.

FYI: A Fun way to Play. One can use FSEconomy to somewhat determine your route whenever you fly. First you choose the region, then choose the starting point based on where your desired aircraft for hire is located. The destination depends on the jobs available. So in my initial flight planning where I plan routes and stuff for my flight I now have a starting point and a destination. So now to the next step in my routine: My flight planning also includes the search for and installation of the custom airports that are in or near my flight plan (if I don't have it already and of course if it is availabe) This way I usually discover new scenery and airports by flying over and landing on it with a purpose. Making virtual money and Internet points


Virtual Reality

With X-Plane11.20, X-Plane users have access to Native VR. Before, and in non-beta versions VR enthusiasts had to use a program called Flyinside (for x-plane, p3d and fsx - separate versions). Now VR is coming natively and although it still has some bugs and is system demanding, it looks beautiful and it will give you a completely new experience in X-Plane. Performance is LR's top priority until VR is good to go.


Official X-Plane VR Instructions

Installation of VR

  • First - you need SteamVR - get it here
  • When STEAM is downloaded search for steam VR in STEAM and download it - it's all free.
  • Launch X-Plane and in graphics options enable VR



Common Errors & Key Shortcuts
If you find bugs, then please report them to the proper authorities (link). Being, of course Laminar Research.


One easy fix that fixes everything:

Do not to use if you actually plan to report bugs to LR! Keep in mind that this fixes things just temporarily (mostly). There's no guarantee that it won’t break your install (remember that I mentioned to back up XP before messing with this?) Anyways – here it goes: Delete the x-plane.prf file in your X-Plane11/Output/Preferences folder. You may see increase in FPS as a result of this but only use this as a last resolve. And don’t come crying to me if something happened or something did not get fixed. I think I have warned you enough now.


Poor FPS performance

What causes low FPS in X-Plane? Many factors can be taken into account, depending on your computer specifications, your OS and what programs and background tasks you have running, your in-sim graphics settings, where you fly and the plane you have chosen. There is a huge difference between Large Cities or large airports and starting on a small airfield in remote areas. Also, the difference between any given aircraft is very relevant. But its complexity is not necessarily a big factor. It depends on how well the aircraft is made.

A decent PC can be a CPU close to or above 4GHZ (XP11 is very CPU single core power hungry), with a GPU such as a GTX1060 / AMD480 or above and 16 GB of RAM or above. You'll meet the recommended specs that are found here

You'll have checked that you do not have unnecessary programs running in the background.What can you expect? There is no precise answer to this but you can get a feel for how it should be. Go to a small and remote airport and load the default Cessna on medium to high settings (Not all of the sliders all the way to the right but on that side of the middle - you will have to test this yourself). You should at least get between 30 and 45 FPS. Maybe up to 50-60 FPS in external view. But notice that when you look at high-resolution textures in the VC cockpit you can get as low as 20...Everything under 20 FPS, in general, is considered too low with the specifications mentioned above.

For lower spec PC's try to lower your settings. Start at the bottom and work your way up to an acceptable compromise. A simulator is a slow moving thing and you do not need 60FPS to get a flowing experience. Everything above 25FPS is enough for airliners and you only need more than 30-35FPS if you fly Jets or acrobatics. Until XP11.1 releases with a performance upgrade you really should reconsider if you are chasing high FPS numbers. These are only my thoughts on the matter, and people tend to have a strong opinion on what good FPS is for them. Especially if they come from fast paced first person shooter games where you need all the fps you can get. When we talk VR, it is a whole new ballgame and Laminar Research is aiming for VR readiness in the 11.1 update which will benefit everyone since VR is very FPS demanding.

FYI: FPS Counter is under [Options > Data Output]      ( Or ctrl+shift+F )

If you are struggling with low FPS in general or want to find our the culprit for your FPS loss, try the easy fix above. Do that first. If you have a low-end system, then you might want to try out a small program called Rendering Options for XP11 which will give you much more flexibility in customising your graphics options than native XP11 (Fly With Lua dependent.)


I'm surrounded by water!
So all you see is water? The easy fix won't fix this one... But it is still easy! Just open the installer (in your X-Plane root folder) and install the scenery. Yup, that's it. Be aware that the whole world will eat up a lot of space, so start with your local area or where you want to fly and expand from there.

Common trap with downloads
Often it is not the downloaded folder that goes into the Aircraft or Custom Scenery folders but a folder within the downloaded folder.

Missing aircraft icon in X-Plane
This is not an error, but just a thing that has to be done on many aircraft as they do not contain the icon in its file systems. X-Plane will generate one for you, and this is how: Start a flight with the plane you wish to generate an icon for. When X-Plane has loaded, go to Flight > Flight Configuration. 


How to fix: Go to "customize" on the loaded aircraft and now you will find a "Generate Icons" button. Press it and voila. Your sim will probably enter windowed mode and if it seems stuck you most likely have paused your sim. Not every aircraft will show these icons correctly some will be over exposed and bright, others will turn out as miniature planes like the ones from the "kids on flight packages" that you got as a kid from some companies. Search the forums if there is a fix for your airplane.


Keyboard shortcuts





Some general info and links

Links Threshold:


Other Official Channels:

RSS Feeds
Want to keep up with the X-Plane news?
Use these RSS links for anything from Discord bots to online RSS readers. 

Invite Link for our Discord server: https://discord.gg/eHQv8Nk
Our sister community group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/XPlaneNG/
Our Partners The 737 Ultimate Project https://discord.gg/4NZnkf7

If you want to follow closely what is next in line for X-plane, you can follow the developers blogs.
Knowing Austin Meyer is knowing X-plane.
Visit the Official X-Plane facebook page


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I think we need more info on information such as applying for clubs, being developers on Threshold, and just general threshold info that's useful for people who aim at not only joining Threshold, but using it as a development platform, or whatever you need! (like me 🙂)

Edited by TPX
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On 4/29/2020 at 9:42 AM, TPX said:

I think we need more info on information such as applying for clubs, being developers on Threshold, and just general threshold info that's useful for people who aim at not only joining Threshold, but using it as a development platform, or whatever you need! (like me 🙂)

A lot of info is here: https://forum.thresholdx.net/public-pages/updatesandinfo/

But a PM to me or any admin here should tdo the thrick as well =)

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I find the hardest thing is that when you are browsing its being like a child in sweet shop we do not now where to look then we get carried away going down a different route to he one we started on. 

But still a fantastic site and a credit to the forum.

please keep up the good work and either join a club   or lose out on a better experience

Regards Mochafd


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17 hours ago, Mochafd1 said:

I find the hardest thing is that when you are browsing its being like a child in sweet shop we do not now where to look then we get carried away going down a different route to he one we started on. 

But still a fantastic site and a credit to the forum.

please keep up the good work and either join a club   or lose out on a better experience

Regards Mochafd


Thanks for the feedback! I can agree that it can be a little difficult to navigate the forum outside of the clubs and we'll keep that in mind as we continue to grow.

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Hi Alex

I would give a thought to get your members to join a club with in three months or pay a subsription  as one of the primary conditions of beeing able to take part in this group. From what I have see most of your members are very helpfull in the way they encurage others.

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21 minutes ago, Mochafd1 said:

Hi Alex

I would give a thought to get your members to join a club with in three months or pay a subsription  as one of the primary conditions of beeing able to take part in this group. From what I have see most of your members are very helpfull in the way they encurage others.

That would certainly help bring in some revenue, but I think we'd rather not put the forum behind any sort of paywall. And it can be bypassed easily by creating a new account and joining a club from there.

14 minutes ago, Mochafd1 said:

Please tell he how to send a P.M. to a member

Go to the profile of the member you wish to send a message to, and on the banner image at the top, it says Message in a red-pink box. From there, type you can type your message.

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21 hours ago, Ðŗąçø said:

That would certainly help bring in some revenue, but I think we'd rather not put the forum behind any sort of paywall. And it can be bypassed easily by creating a new account and joining a club from there.

Go to the profile of the member you wish to send a message to, and on the banner image at the top, it says Message in a red-pink box. From there, type you can type your message.

Thank youn for the information

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