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OpenSceneryX Pre-release Testing


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The next release of OpenSceneryX will have three major changes included:

  1. Seasons. Seasonal changes will be supported throughout the library, though please note that only the vegetation (both objects and forests) will have these variations on launch of this feature, as we currently only have seasonal contributions for vegetation. The choice of how seasons are selected will be yours at install-time:
    • No seasons (summer all the time)
    • Built-in X-Plane using a crude mechanism based on the date in the year and two rough regional areas in the northern and southern hemispheres
    • The Four Seasons plugin
    • The Terramaxx plugin
    • The xAmbience plugin
  2. Integration with built-in X-Plane libraries. OpenSceneryX will be able to inject its content into into the X-Plane built-in scenery placement system. For the launch of this feature, this will involve exporting a bunch of our aircraft into the X-Plane static aircraft system, so that OSX static aircraft will be automatically placed by the sim around airports. In future it could include other things like autogen vegetation. The choice of whether to enable this feature will be yours at install-time.
  3. Option to Disable the Backup Library. The Backup Library contains placeholders for all the main X-Plane libraries. This has been automatically included with OpenSceneryX for a while now, but it has recently expanded to include all 47 known libraries. When installed, it stops X-Plane warning about missing scenery on startup but some users would prefer that it isn't installed so they can see these warnings. The OSX installer will be enhanced to allow this to be completely disabled.

As you can see, these are some major changes, and I can't test to see how these changes might affect various X-Plane installs. For this reason I would like to gather together a few willing testers to try it out in advance of dropping the changes on all 10k+ users, in case I need to iron out some bugs.

Could you post a reply if you would like to be involved. It would be useful to know whether you have any of the plugins listed above. Depending on time pressures, I expect the beta release will be w/c 4th March or 11th March. Obviously this may change.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Best wishes,
Austin G.



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