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[ request ] Boeing 738-BCF

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Hello @zibo,

i am really enjoying the Zibo 738. but there is just one thing that keeps me from enjoying it to its fullest: it is an airliner. i like freighters. a lot. i could ofcourse make a livery that does not have the windows on the outside but the model itself still has the passenger cabin. obviously the cargo version does not have that. i do not really care if you or someone will make a cargo version that does not actually have the cargo hold modeled. i would be very happy with a 738 that does not have the passenger cabin. if i knew how to do that myself, i would do so. but i do not know how to do that myself. so that is why i am asking you for help on this subject. if it is as easy as removing a few files and some basic 3D editing i might be able to do it myself. but i would need someone to guide me through that process. if you are willing to help me or make a 738BCF yourself then i would appreciate that very greatly.

best regards,

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