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A list of useful links

This is NOT a complete list by far. But it's a collection to start with 😉
First off, you are on a forum/store and news site but here are some alternatives


Forums and stores


X-Plane.com - Laminar Research home and X-Planes official page

X-Plane Developer - Laminar Research developer blog

X-Plane Release Notes - latest notes about releases and beta programs

Official X-Plane Manual  - The manual for X-Plane

X-Plane.org - The largest forum and store for X-Plane (not an official Laminar site)

X-Pilot - The official forum of X-Aviation. Forum and store (IXEG and LES SAAB among other high quality products)

Used market for flightsim peripherals on facebook


X-Plane Master Library - Almost all of the necessary library lists necessary to install freeware scenery

ZonePhoto - Photo scenery for download. Quality varies from region to region but is usually above average

SimHeavan - XEurope - OSM scenery (no longer operative?)

AlpilotX - Mesh download site

Maps2XP - Large collection of great sceneries

TDG Master List - Freeware scenery from td

APXP - HUGE list of Freeware airports listed by country



ZIBO Mod - The best 737 - 800 for X-Plane (freeware)

Aerobrask - Great developer for GA aircraft


Great products homepages

IXEG -  The best 737-300 for x-plane

JAR Design - a versatile developer for x-plane

Flight Factor - Airliner manufacturer for x-plane (A320 | B757 | B767 ...)



Xsquawkbox - VATSIM client for X-Plane 

JoinFS - A great multiplayer plugin



X-Plane Scandinavia

X-Plane on Steam

Haversine.com - Apple and iPhone apps for X-Plane

Marginal  - Developer site with tools tips and tutorials

The Zibo Community - News and discussions

The Zibo Community on Facebook

Do suggest more links. Give link and a one liner description of what it is. 😃

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