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Hey guys...I am wondering is some one could help. I have two issues with Zibo 738, e and h:

1. Random Out of Trim
- seems to happen after FMC programming is complete
- random flights
- trim goes all the way down to APL NOSE UP; it can be brought back to required position with Pitch Trim control but slides slowly back down if Pitch Trim button is released; the wheel will not move with the mouse at this point.
- the moment wheels leave the ground issue goes away; trim stays where Pitch Trim button was released

There is nothing that seems to work except Pitch Trim. I take off with pressing Pitch Trim while during take off roll trying to hold the trim somewhere in the required range. This is not how it should be ūüôā

2. While programming left FMC random CTD
- happened while in flight changing ALT (step climb)
- happened on the ground, do not recall at which point

Is any one else experiencing this?


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Did some more testing. Found out that for the stab out of trim issue, it is somehow connected to A/T.

FMC is set up. Pushed back. Ready to start the engines.

- A/T off (is off from the ac initial load, switch on MCP was not touched to this point)
- Engine Start: IGN R
- Engine 2: switch to Ground
- Watch trim slowly slide down to APL NOSE UP
- Bring up trim with Trim Pitch
- Turn A/T on
- Trim stays where it was left with Pitch Trim 

- Engine 2: introduce fuel
- Engine 2: good start

This is a bug unless engines should be started with A/T set to on prior to start. 



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