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ESUT - Hemavan Tärnaby Airport [RELEASED]

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It has become time for me to announce my first fully custom airport. ESUT Hemavan Tärnaby Airport.

The airport is located in northern Sweden along the border to Norway. And is next to two major ski resorts in Sweden. 

The airport has one scheduled flight all year around to Arlanda ESSA, and, there is some GA activity at the airport.  The airport has one runway that is 1444 meters long and 30 meters wide. 

The sim version will feature:

  • High-quality Models and textures. 
  • PBR materials for most objects.
  • A winter version with 3D-Snow. 
  • Accurate ground markings and objects.
  • Hand-painted ground textures, (the ground textures in the images below will be replaced later)
  • Custom Runway/Taxiway lights and custom taxiway signs. 

More details are to come, 

Here are some screenshots:






esut loc.JPG

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Work on another version has started, here is the planned change list:

  • New ground textures and edge lines (already in the images)
  • Reworked lines and ground decals,
  • More grunge on the apron, to make the airport feel more alive.
  • more custom GSE, A small tug is already included in the winter version.
  • More grunge and decals on the building textures.
  • improved night lighting thanks to custom edge lights
  • some 3D passengers and airport workers.
  • Custom Amapola Flyg Fokker 50 model.  (model is already done, just needs textures)
  • A new fuel station, (the previous one was very rushed)
  • Closed version of the large hangar, probably animated with SAM

And possibly some other features.

This update can be expected in a couple of months, Development will be slow on this airport as I have moved on to ESPA Luleå Airport and will be mainly developing that. 


Here are some images showing the new ground textures:


esut 1.2 img1.PNG

esut 1.2 img2.PNG

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