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ESPA - Luleå Airport - Sweden

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Hello again!

Following the release of ESUT Hemavan Tärnaby Airport, I have now decided to resume a much older project (ESUT was a side project from this) And that airport is my home airport and home to the longest runway in Sweden!

The airport I am talking about is Luleå "Kallax" Airport. The airport sees 16 daily flights as well as some charter flights to Thailand and Spain during the winter. 

The airport is also home to one of the largest airforce bases in Sweden (Norrbottens flygflottilj F21), This area of the airport is highly protected and there is no way I will be able to make custom buildings for that area of the airport, As that would probably get me into serious problems with the Swedish Security Service.

As for the pricing of this airport, I am not sure If this will be a freeware airport or if it will not be. But I still have a couple of months left in development so there will be a lot of time to decide. 

The airport will feature:

  • High-quality buildings
  • Accurate layout. 
  • custom ground textures.
  • PBR- materials for most objects, 
  • Dynamic lighting 

And probably more.

If you have any questions regarding this scenery please comment below.


Here are some images showing some old versions of the developer build.

EVERYTHING in these images are subject to change!

I know I can't have ortho images in a scenery: those will be replaced with handpainted ground textures later. 







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Some testing done today!

Here is a video showing the planned SAM jetways in action. 

Like I have stated earlier everything in these progress updates are WIP images and everything is subject to change. 

(EDIT: If anyone would be interested in the static and more detailed gates instead of these gates I will probably make another version featuring those, They won't be included in the final release as they are way too detailed and use up a lot of VRAM when in use.)

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