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  1. LSZW – Thun Airfield


    Thun Airfield in the Bernese Oberland is considered to be one of the most beautiful airfields in Switzerland with its magnificent panorama of the Alps. It is located about 15 miles southeast of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, not far from Lake Thun on the northern edge of the Alps.

    The site originally served as a military airfield but was decommissioned in 1955 and has since been used as a civilian airfield for light aircraft and gliders. The original military affiliation of the airfield is still visible today due to its direct location in the middle of the military area and has been faithfully recreated in the scenery by several details. The first aeronautical activities in Thun were mentioned in 1910.

    Thun Airfield has two 800 by 30 meter (2600 by 100 feet) grass-runways in parallel with a 14-32 orientation. One is meant to be use for gliders, the other for piston aircraft.

    This is a highly detailed airfield with all buildings and ground textures created as accurately as possible. The airfield contains many small details to give life to the scenery. All the main buildings on and near the airfield have been modeled as accurately as possible. The scenery contains photorealistic ground textures for the airfield and surrounding area with a resolution of 10cm/per pixel.

    We are sure you will be enchanted by the ambience and atmosphere of landing at this airfield.

    34 individually modeled objects and buildings
      Full PBR Textures
      Color corrected ortho imagery (10cm/pixel)
      Custom ground textures
      High resolution textures
      Very high level of detail
      Enhanced circuit area
      Custom runway and taxiway markings

    Make sure you check the user guide inside the zip file for instructions on how to install the scenery and some more information.


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