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  • Please read the RULES
    If you have trouble registering get help in our Discord


    Note that you have to comment once to get out of stowaway class and into economy class. Further advancements into leg room and cocktails will demand more effort on your part. Just start using the forums and create posts.

    The first tier (stowaway class) is to avoid spammers and bots. The idea behind the rest is to ease server loads from inactive members and to reward and give more access to the forum after a visible contribution from the member was seen. The normal classes are automatically upgraded to the next when some parameters are reached. We do promote members to higher classes if needed. Any class can be withdrawn at any moment by Crew or Captains. Misconduct can lead to such a withdrawal. A bad reputation can dump you back to stowaway class. (The classes in the forum does not reflect the ones in the Threshold discord.)

    If you want an AdSense-free experience in Threshold you will need a 1st class membership (or developer). This is done either through long dedication in the forums or through one of the support subscriptions. As soon as we have enough subscriptions to cover forum and storage expenses for the year we will remove the AdSense ads. Read more about the different classes and what they give you further down on this page.

    (We will still have custom ads, but they will be relevant)

    Want your ad here? Contact @Captain Kitten

  • A donation of 5USD gives you Business Class.
    A donation of 10USD or above gives you 1st class.
    Any subscription plan gives you 1st class and thus no AdSense ads.

    If you want to support the forum but don't want to purchase using the store, you could donate here to help us grow.

  • Stowaway class

    • The starting class
    • Not allowed to start new posts (spam prevention)
    • NO UPLOADS! (spam prevention)
    • Limited in every way other than viewing and commenting
    • Download restrictions
      • 500 Kbit/Sec download speed
      • 5 seconds delay on downloads 
      • Max 1 download at the time
    • 1 post will get you out of the luggage compartment and into Economy
  • Economy class

    • Limited access to Gallery uploads
    • Download restrictions
      • 2 Mbit/sec
      • 1 sec delay
      • max 3 downloads at a time
    • Upload restrictions: 500MB size / some bandwdth lmitations
    • 10 posts and 10 days will move you to Business class


  • Store account VS forum account
    We have completely separated the forums from the store and they run on completely different platforms. This is to enhance security for your most sensitive data. To read about how we handle your data, have a look at the Privacy Policy through the rules page.

  • Business class

    • More liberal access to Gallery
    • Restricted access to video uploads
    • Limited access to Video upload
    • No upload limitations
    • No download restrictions
    • How to get to 1st class is a mystery
    • Not really, 20 posts and 30 days and a reputation of over 5
  • 1st class

    • Unlimited Gallery permissions
    • Upload permissions: Max 500MB/month
    • No download restrictions
    • There is a chance to leave the hassle of relating to other people on the journey altogether
    • How to charter your own Jet is not known yet
    • No ads


  • Custom Classes
    (These classes are unobtainable without the action of Crew or Captain)


    • Basically unlimited on upload, download and gallery access
    • Only given to recognized developers

    Club owner:

    • Secondary class mostly given to developers but can be assigned to others as well if found appropriate
    • Can create and manage 2 Clubs (more club permissions will need the "super club" owner permission)

    *Clubs are mini-forums for members who want to have their own place for support and beta testing teams. We may consider opening Clubs up for others later. Contact a Captain or Crew for access if you are a developer.


    Supporter: Any donation amount over 2USD (removes ads above 5USD and lasts for one year)
    Subscriber: Any support subscription (removes ads at any tier and lasts for as long as subscription is active)

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