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Grob G 109B Dev Update #1

FlyingIron Simulations


Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the feedback! Today I'll share a few quick details on where we are currently at with development and what we've been working on.

Flight Model

Early last week our initial pre-alpha test build was sent out to our SME's for testing and feedback. We're very happy to say that after taking in the reports from our SME, the Flight Model is really starting to take shape. We are extremely proud and optimistic about the way the 109's FM is coming together - we think this will be our most realistic FM to date. Our goal is to achieve a level of realism that will make our simulation a true pilot training aid for the G109b and an invaluable learning tool for all GA Pilots and light aircraft owners. 

For the development of the Grob we have changed our methods & approach for creating the FM and have learned many valuable things about working with Plane Maker & X-plane 11 that has helped us achieve a much higher level of realism. Beyond that, we are also exploring Airfoil Maker in a much greater depth and using it's full potential to create the most realistic simulation we can. Owner's of the P-47 & Spitfire will be pleased to know we will be bringing this new knowledge back to these aircraft and releasing a major update for each in the coming weeks.

With the majority of the work for the FM completed, we are now at the tweaking & airfoil development stage. The help & feedback of our SME's has been invaluable here.



As development steams ahead, the FMOD soundscape development is starting to slowly come together. With a first draft of the engine audio now nearing completion, the most difficult element of the audio design is almost done. Sounds are being added for every switch, lever, knob and interaction in the aircraft (as mentioned, all recorded from the real G109b). Once this is done, we will be ready to finalize Engine & Environmental sounds, and begin working on enhancements. These include directional engine/prop audio, Switch/Lever Sound variations, Interior/Exterior Sound Blending & Masking, and many more to help enhance immersion & realism of the soundscape.


Alex has been working tirelessly on the Art side of things, and as you can see progress is coming along very rapidly. While there is much yet to do, much of the hard work in terms of modelling, UV Mapping & Texturing is now close to completion, allowing us to start working on detailing and really start taking the artwork to the next level. There isn't alot to say here, but expect many more pictures as Art progresses.


What's next?

Once the early alpha build is complete, we will start official testing with our full beta-team for further testing & refining.

While this is happening, we will then turn our attention towards development of the advanced aircraft features & add-ons, such as maintenance, the Tablet GUI System, GUI Menus, Particle FX and so on. 



Dan & Alex


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