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  2. I'm still uncertain if the plane has a steerable tailwheel or if it casters full time. I know there's no lock. Another concern is one wing trying to fly ahead of the other. The rocking motion induced often requires a serious amount of aileron to correct. Not sure if this is the narrow gear making it tippy or if it's pilot induced. Anyway it usually results in the actual line of flight being quite different from runway heading. FWIW I owned and flew taildraggers for forty years.
  3. The Grob G109B will be available on theThreshold store on November 15th, 2019 Lightweight, Efficient & A True Thrill. The Aircraft The Grob G109b is a twin-seat, self-launching motor-glider developed by Grob Aircraft AG of Germany. The G109b variant first took flight in 1984 and has been used in a variety of applications since: as well as civilian use and pilot training, the aircraft was also used by the RAF from 1991-2018 (known as the Vigliant T1) to train cadets in basic flying. Experience all that this amazing aircraft has to offer; from soaring through valleys &

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