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  2. I'm still uncertain if the plane has a steerable tailwheel or if it casters full time. I know there's no lock. Another concern is one wing trying to fly ahead of the other. The rocking motion induced often requires a serious amount of aileron to correct. Not sure if this is the narrow gear making it tippy or if it's pilot induced. Anyway it usually results in the actual line of flight being quite different from runway heading. FWIW I owned and flew taildraggers for forty years.
  3. The Grob G109B will be available on theThreshold store on November 15th, 2019 Lightweight, Efficient & A True Thrill. The Aircraft The Grob G109b is a twin-seat, self-launching motor-glider developed by Grob Aircraft AG of Germany. The G109b variant first took flight in 1984 and has been used in a variety of applications since: as well as civilian use and pilot training, the aircraft was also used by the RAF from 1991-2018 (known as the Vigliant T1) to train cadets in basic flying. Experience all that this amazing aircraft has to offer; from soaring through valleys & mountains and into the clouds, careful flight-planning, Engine Management, VRF Training, Cross-wind landings & finally experience the thrill of shutting down the 95hp Engine mid-flight and masterfully gliding back to earth for a precision landing. Our simulation of the G109B will let you experience all this & more! Key Features Professional Flight Model; tested & approved by a team of real-world G109B Pilots, including ex-RAF instructors Incredibly Detailed 3D Artwork & Texturing; recreation of a real G109b flown by one of our test pilots as well as a Vigilant T1. Includes detailed engine & interior modelling. Real G109B Sounds - The true sounds of a real G109b, recorded & mixed by a professional sound engineer & fully integrated via FMOD (plus fully-functional & optional pilot headphones) Detailed, Custom Airfoil Simulation of the Eppler E580 Wing Airfoil Realistic & Detailed Simulation of the Hoffman HO-V62R/L 160T Propeller & it’s 3-Stage, mechanically actuated blade pitch system. Aircraft Ownership & Persistent State-saving Hi-Fidelity Custom Avionics Simulation; powered by SASL & Xlua Hi-Fidelity, Code-driven simulation of all aircraft systems & features (tested & approved by our G109b Pilot Team). This includes Ground-Handling, Braking & Hydraulics, Flight Systems & Mechanics, Electrical & Fuel Systems, Avionics, Engine Management & more Tablet GUI Simulation - Access key features & settings via a fully functional, simulated Tablet. Adjustable & fully interactive Complete AviTab Integration as an 'app' on the Tablet Includes 2 Complete Aircraft Simulations - The Grob G109b & the RAF edition, the Vigilant T1. Each has a unique cockpit design & features and can be toggled in-sim 5 Included Liveries + A Paintkit (Paintkit to be released in Update 1.1) LibRain Canopy Rain FX Integration External Static Elements Custom “Light-show” livery & Fireworks FX VR Ready Complete User-Manual, Pilot Checklists & documentation included (pdf) spacer.pngspacer.png Technical Specifications Crew: 2 Length: 8.1 m (26 ft 7 in) Wingspan: 17.4 m (57 ft 1 in) Height: 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) Wing area: 19 m2 (200 sq ft) Airfoil: Eppler E 580 Empty weight: 620 kg (1,367 lb) Max takeoff weight: 850 kg (1,874 lb) Fuel capacity: 100 l (26 US gal; 22 imp gal) Powerplant: 1 × Grob 2500E1 4-cylinder air-cooled horizontally-opposed piston engine, 71 kW (95 hp) Propellers: 2-bladed Hoffmann HO-V 62 R/L 160 BT 3-speed variable-pitch propeller Performance Cruise speed: 205 km/h (127 mph, 111 kn) maximum 180 km/h (110 mph; 97 kn) economical Stall speed: 73 km/h (45 mph, 39 kn) Never exceed speed: 240 km/h (150 mph, 130 kn) Range: 1,500 km (930 mi, 810 nmi) at economical cruise with maximum fuel Service ceiling: 6,000 m (20,000 ft) g limits: +5.3 -2.65 Maximum glide ratio: 28 at 115 km/h (71 mph; 62 kn) Rate of climb: 3.3 m/s (650 ft/min) Rate of sink: 1.1 m/s (220 ft/min) at 105 km/h (65 mph; 57 kn) Wing loading: 44.7 kg/m2 (9.2 lb/sq ft) Power/mass: 0.079 kW/kg (0.048 hp/lb) Take-off run: 196 m (643 ft) Landing run: 200 m (656 ft) No. Built: 322 Work-in-Progress Features & Update 1.1 Whilst the G109B will be released as what we consider a 'complete' product (not early access), there are several additional/optional features that are not 100% complete and will be refined & completed with our first update, Update 1.1 (expected late November - early December). We want to make these features clear in the interests of transparency and to that end we will list them below and what you can expect: Some additional features & custom 'apps' are still being added: as of right now this includes the 'Flight Planning' (Custom fuel/weight/payload planner) app, the Checklists App & misc settings Paint-kit will likely not be available at release and instead be available with or before Update 1.1 Maintenance features are not fully implemented yet & will be made available in v1.1 All key features of State-saving are implemented however we are intending to expand this system even further with v1.1 Fireworks & Particle FX are still being fine-tuned Tablet - VR Tablet Interaction via Touch Controllers to be implemented in 1.1 (all other aspects of VR implemented on release)

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