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2: George and the Executive to Macapa

Captain Kitten


Yesterday could have been a seriously bad day. Not for me, but for George the accountant. I had a great takeoff in the morning sun from Maraba and followed the rivers north.


On the way I Met up with some friends I got to know the night before, in town, that followed me along in their little beauties. When we did some close formation flying one of my new found friends asked me if George had cancelled his trip. I turned around and realized that I had left him behind.. A quick turnaround and backtracking to Macapa took me about an hour and a half. I landed as quickly as I could and hurried to the parkingspot and the small and tired terminal building. To my relief George had just arrived himself, looking very tired and had not noticed my mistake at all. I never mentioned it to him.

So, I restarted my 17th leg north.. Now with George on board. And we did a great formation takeoff.



We arrived at Belem late in the afternon and it was a great approach in to the smaller City airport.


We stayed the night in Belem. The next morning I made sure that George woke up early and told him not to be late like he was the day before. I had signed up another person for the next leg. An executive with a ponytail from Macapa that had been partying way too long in Belem and missed his flight. He also had a 1kg package with him that he wanted to deliver in Soure so we would do a scenic detour there on our way to Macapa. He didn't get my joke about hurrying up so the packege wouldnt get sour before we get to Soure. He didn't get it and to be honest it was a pretty lame joke.

With mediocre enthusiasm we climbed on board and the Executive threw a big verbal fight with George about having to be the one sitting in the back of the aircraft. I gave him a bottle of Cachaca and told him that if he were to make George and him Carparinjas he would have to do it from the back seat. George had no clue how to make carparinjas so he naturally got the front seat. They both drank eight shots each before we hit 5000 feet... This will be an interesting flight.

And it was. I had never heard George talk as much as he did. He cheerfully talked about what clearly was a very tragic life... I only got the bit about his wife leaving him and taking his kids because he loved his job too much before his words became too slurry to understand. The executive seemed to understand everything perfectly and listened with eager while mixing up more carperinjas.


Landed in Sour to deliver package. A friend of mine met up with us on this leg as well. George and the Executive had a blast while I prepared for the next leg but right before we were to take off the executive collapsed in the backseat of my friends plane. That is where he stayed for the rest of the trip to Macapa.


Half way to Macapa we stopped at a riverside cafe. George had luckily fallen asleep as well so my friend and I could enjoy some peace and quiet before the last leg in to Macapa.



The rest of the trip wasn't really that eventful. Landing in Macapa was great. I think I might stay here for a week. Just enjoy some last days in Brazil. George seriously needs to sleep off this carperinja too...



The executive vanished as soon as we parked the aircraft. Got paid though. He left a sweaty pile of money on my seat. How the trip will be from here isn't really set. The landscape around here is a bit unison and basically just marsh and jungle. I hope to get a good route up to the coastline and follow that north in to French Guinea.

EDIT (3 days later): There is this woman stearing at me at the bar in the Posada I am staying at. The skinny little redhead has a fierce stare that feels like she has had a grudge on me for years. Yet I have never met her before in my life. I would have remembered such a character. She reminds me of that designer lady in the Caroon The increadibles. Only with red hair and seriously croocket teeth. If I'm not blogging again after this week you'll know who ended my life. I am so close to get out of Brazil though... So close.. One more leg. Leg 21 and I am finally finished with my first country since I decided to keep my baby C152. My Lulu.

That stare though... I'll log off here and get to my room.

Talk soon XOXO



The charity part of these flights is something I am still thinking of. But I'll get back to this when I have something more concrete. 😃

Let me know in the comments or in my streams if there are sites you would like me to visit on my route North from South America, over Mexico and towards Alaska. From there the route will go over Russia - how and where we'll see when we get there. Here's my twitch channel:


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