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  1. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

  2. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

  3. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

    We are working on that
  4. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

    There is no such thing as resolution here either. Volumetric noise rendering is difficult to relate to, I know But yes - in lack of a better word its more defined.
  5. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

    There are no textures. There have never been textures since 1.08. This is noise rendering. 1.10 is volumetric noise rendering.
  6. Discord won't help you there. This forum will. State your trouble below.
  7. - C L O S E D - Closes friday 16th November 12:00 CET (EST 06:00 | PST 03:00 | AEDT 22:00 | BST 17:00 | GST 15:00) We are opening up a new beta test group. Only way in is through the application form <---link This application form is made with the intention to gather as large and meaningful variety of people, locations and equipment as possible. We will choose about 50 people from around the world for this beta team. The beta team will be supporting some tasks from the focused test team which is much smaller. Do however not expect to be overrun with tasks. Our dedicated team goes through all smaller, dedicated and immediate tests. When needed we will distribute a test version to the wider beta team. When will it start? You should be familiar with the phrase "no eta given" Same here so although, if you got in, don't expect to get a test task straight away. Please consider this before you apply: This test group is under very strict rules. Among other things we need feedback when we request it and we need it from as many of the members as possible and as soon as possible after each publication of a test version. You can be kicked from the beta team if you skip more than 5 test runs. If you are prepared to follow this and other rules depicted in the test area, then you are good to go. Your participation in this test group is only for the beta program of 1.10. If you are particularly good in testing and follow feedback procedures we will consider you for the next beta test run but there are no guarantees. You never share your xEnviro test copy! Never reveal yourself as a tester. You need to: Have a copy of xEnviro (any version) Know what a BETA is and know what you are doing in X-Plane Have the option to install a second copy if X-Plane for testing purposes Know that we are not responsible for anything that happens to your installations or equipment. Read the rules in the test forum when arriving. By staying you accept all rules applied. Even if subject of change. The beta testing will be on discord only so it is mandatory that you have a discord account. > xEnviro official discord channel <
  8. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

  9. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

    There isn't really much to discuss. At least not at this stage. Performance impact is aimed to be as light as possible. Right now we're well within our limits but that can change. Xplanes own he recommendations should be enough to run XEnviro though.
  10. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots


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