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  1. You can find those in your resources/seasons folder.
  2. You are guaranteed to get 0 in return at the first scenery load (i.e. summer with dry surface) since there are no values before xE is running. With png this is only possible at the very first load and after a long break. In all other cases png will contain more or less adequate seasonal/surface data. Datarefs are suitable for dynamic surface coverage ie ponds and snow patches on apron.
  3. Yeah.. Laminars sdk on the matter is broken. So there is no way for us to separate objects from the rest. And images get uploaded only after full initialization and successful authorization which happens only after sim is fully loaded and running. The good thing is that png don't change much between loads. We'll revisit this when we have time
  4. It's the same as xE. So it's a technology. Not a franchise. Like a typoe of car engine that several manufacturers use, but approach differently - or apply differently to their use.
  5. Hi Austin, glad that you're interested in making OpenScenery X compatible with xE This is something we are contemplating on how to approach within X-Plane since it's not straight forward. We have been trying to figure out a way to exclude or isolate objects from the rest of the scenery for a long time. And so far we haven't found a way that is practical and "user friendly" for other developers. We'll try to explore more possibilities when we have finished our immidiate tasks at hand which demand our full attention for at least the remainder of this month and a part of next.
  6. * moved to correct area of Forum. Forum support topic is for forum support only.
  7. RANDOM EVENT!| 1st place! 500 wings in Threshold store. 2nd place! 250 Wings in Threshold store Winners contact me on PM with your registered info in the store and you will be given your awards. Every one else keep the screenshots coming to have a chance to win Random events are random...
  8. **moved to correct area of forum. Threshold forum supoport is for forum suport only.
  9. Because it is: 1: not needed 2: way too much work to keep running (you just get noise) 3: we have a beta team 4: No matter how much precautions you make - there will be issues 5: What's even the difference of releasing a "public beta" and then fix for release VS release, then fix a bug with a hotfix? Basically just how you choose to name it... We have a plan and a method and we're sticking with it. Any changes just robs us of development time. 10 FPS for 1.14? Even we don't know what the end result will be. Vulkan won't help us. Period. It will only make us work hard to even get xE working. No one knows the result. Different features demand different performance. We haven't decided on which path to go. It would be silly to choose anything before we know what 1.14 will bring. We gained 10 fps now - one of five paths we are tryoing out. Maybe the result of all will give 30fps - maybe we'll end up with just the 10 in the end. We don't know. There are no 10 cents out there that hold their value atm. Just the way it is.
  10. Vulkan VS xEnviro It has literally erupted lol... So let me try to extinguish a Volcano.... There is hefty discussions going on. Based on this comment from Ben: Thanx Ben... First of all: Yes, we have been prepared for Vulkan. Ever since we heard of Vulkan coming to X-Plane, we have prepared for it. Problem is that we are not prepared for how Laminar chooses to make Vulkan accessable to us. Simply said: what areas they choose to let us work with and what not is up to LR. As it looks now we will not get access to the parts we would like to. There are various reasons for this and we have tried to have a dialogue on it but quickly got the feeling that this is not something they want, or want to put man hours in to. Since we know that there is no such thing as "impossible" in this profession just a matter of how much you want it - and are able to allocate time to it; We gave up on trying to convince Laminar that they need to open up for us. We will probably manage with or without their help anyways. Will 11.50 break xEnviro? No OpenGL is still available and we will still be usable. OpenGL is staying in X-Plane-11's life line. And in that time we will probably have found a way to go around the closed doors LR are guarding. It won't be much different than the daily fights we have today and we're not giving up. Laminar has done a LOT of right throughout X-Plane's life line. But there are moments where I shake my head and wonder if they either have something extraordinary up their sleeve or if they're just stubborn beyond belief. I seriously hope they have a Royal Street Flush hidden in Austins Cargo Pants because a quartet of Aces is about to land on the scene. But! And let me add a note here at the end: Nicolaj (14) -"I'm not going to buy another addon for X-Plane! The best simulator is best and it's not X-Plane! All glory to Microsoft and I'm going to enjoy that now!" Well, you're not though. It's not even released yet and people flock like Lemmen over the edge. I'm not saying that fs2020 won't deliver, it looks great and probably will. But they won't deliver for at least another 6 months at the very earliest.. Until then - I for one am not going to jump ship and let everyone who has invested in xE or other addons down. So seeing people leave and waving a middle finger in our faces on the way out is kind of insulting to be honest. Feel free to leave - just do it with dignity and show some respect for the ones who would like to see X-Plane being competative when the fat lady starts singing. If you would like to see that: Tell Laminar what you think is needed! I think the thing to do here is for the community to put pressure on Laminar. Not abandon the sim. And remember! We will most probably manage regardless. Like we have till now. BTW - first performance path for 1.14 gave us 10 fps gain across the board...Knock on wood we are able to carry it over through the 1.14 beta - which we are starting this weekend. Back to work!
  11. Turn "Control Waves" off in xEnviro settings
  12. It just doesn't work this way. xEnviro is to a large extent already a standalone program. Which is crammed in to X-Plane. But with what you want here we would just be making our own simulator. Trust me, we have contemplated actually doing that. That would make xEnviro a breeze to work with and we would be able to concentrate on our other projects and present them to the public. live stream 'say google earth' ortho This is just plainly impossible - One is access to Google Earth where the licence is unobtainable and another is to replace the terrain in the sim which isn't something that we have access to. This is not what we want with xEnviro either. We're not replacing anything other than the atmosphrere. Everything else is just altered. open-street-maps roads that blend well with landscape (similar concept to Outerra) Same as above and without the above: no use. full blown unleashed XE wish-list Still need full access to the cores of X-Plane. Which we don't have. speed trees Not sure why even with the above. adapter to x-plane to get airplane position data-ref (this may open door for other platform adapters) - in same manner the pannels are viewed via ipad or other screens. Not our thing. At all. utilize RTX / hardware ray tracing where applicable This will be a part of our future when possible. But we still need better access to the sim or we have to continue doing it the "dirty" way as we do with a lot of things already.
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