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  1. Latest beta tester screenshots. We have a couple more items to get through and test. We hope these will be easy to fix and to move on to final beta sessions. RC is coming closer.
  2. Lets talk performance What performance gain can you expect from 1.14 (OpenGL)? Well, that depends on your system. The lower specs your computer has, the more of a benefit you'll likely have. 4k users will see a good boost as well. Mentioning numbers is not really beneficial since it is very individual and I want to avoid giving too high expectations. But one new feature we introduce to 1.14 are performance sliders. This comes with a huge warning! Ultra is NOT playable at any setting for 99% of users. Ultra is only available because we want to give you the option. Use these settings
  3. So weve reached 1.14b24 We have gone through and ironed out a bunch of bugs and issues. Closing item after item day by day. How many more versions we burn through before we're ready to hit the public, we're not entirely sure. Beta team has worked well and we work with a lighter mood I did the first stream today and will probably do a couple more in the time to come. Not sure if I'm going to announce the streams here and make them as public as I did before the 1.13 launch, but we'll see. We're getting there Here are some screenshots from todays stream
  4. No worries Regardless of where we host it you will find it here in one form or another.
  5. After we go Vulkan seasons are gone since Laminar has effectively shut that down. So 1.14 will be the last one with the current seasons and it will only work in 11.50 OpenGL
  6. I have never said that beta is public.
  7. Towering clouds are in, just not at that scale. Thunderstorms will be developed as soon as we have headroom. Vulkan will give us some. In addition to this performance update.
  8. So you didn't read what I wrote? 11.50 has OpenGL in it - there is a switch. And there are reasons to why we don't go Vulkan yet - we need to finalize what we started first. Or all this time would have been a waste. Vulkan conversion won't take too long though.
  9. 1.14 is in Beta "When will it release?" We never give ETA's (Estimated time of arrival). But we're in Beta now. So we are seeing the end of the tunnel. "Will 1.14 be for Vulkan?" No, reasons are several: We never anticipated that it would take this long and did a LOT in OpenGL that we just had to get finished before we get it all over to Vulkan. To add to it LR are not openiong up for us to hook in where we need to to keep all we have made so far in OpenGL. We will loose seasons, dynamic snow and wet aprons once we transition to Vulkan. Laminar has shut that door for us. We will
  10. Yeah, if you're not nice you have no room here in this forum though. There are plenty of reasons why people stay on XP10. Economy being one of them. Everyone is allowed to ask questions and you are not moderating this forum. So chill.
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