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  1. Spherical buffer = Perf upgrade nr 2 This update is basically another performance update. This was one of the 5 performance paths we had in the 1.14 update plans. We did not implement it then since it will take us at least a month to implement and test if it even works in the X-Plane environment. We decided to add it later so we wouldn't delay 1.14 longer than necessary. Fingers crossed that we're not in a dead end. The reward will be great if it works and so far it looks promising! First ever image of Spherical Buffer in X-Plane. And in any sim as far as I am aware.. Don't quot
  2. xEnviro 1.16 This is a xPlane 11.51 compatibility hotfix. Download here
  3. UPDATE ON 11.51 hotfix: We have the fix, still ironing other minor bugs that appeared alongside - and testing hotfix beta. I expect it to be out while still writing 2020. Until then You can still use xEnviro in OpenGL Server update today from 12:00 zulu We will be updating the servers one by one today so downtime can be an issue. This should not last for longer than 2-4 hours. (Image from beta tester in hotfix test)
  4. IMPORTANT AS LAMINAR NOW HAS UPDATED TO 11.51 WE WILL GET TO WORK ON OUR UPDATE FOR IT AND HAVE IT OUT ASAP. IF YOU WANT TO USE XE UNTIL THEN, DON'T UPDATE OR USE OPENGL VERSION! (Change to opengl by unticking vulkan option in graphics settings in X-Plane). Just be careful updating to 11.51, Several reports on 11.51r1 crashing their sim on load.
  5. It's not compatible wit VULKAN version of 11.51 (which just released) We are working on that. In the meantime you can use the OpenGL version.
  6. Because you're on X-Plane beta. Get off beta if you don't know what a beta is and how to relate to the fact that you are on beta.
  7. They aren't wrong. We have tested and adjusted this for some time and they are 98% within margin of error. If they were completely off we would have been flooded with tickets. Which we're not. If you find winds that are "completely wrong" send a thorough report with your findings to support on xenviro.net. You won't get support here.
  8. Yes! Just like almost every other finding by these 3rd party virus apps - it's another false positive. Today the need for a 3rd party virus app is basically non existing. Unless you visit shady sites or download pirate ware - the windows antivirus is more than enough.
  9. xEnviro does not work on X-Plane beta! THIS IS A GENERAL RULE! IF YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS, REVERT TO THE LATEST STABLE RELEASE! (UNTICK THE BETA BOX IN YOUR X-PLANE INSTALLER) If you're a beta jockey, you should know this so it should not have been necessary to tell you all this... (and if you didn't know and are on beta --> stop using beta versions!) xEnviro does not and will never be updated for X-Plane beta releases. X-Plane 11.51rc1 litterally means release candidate 1. In effect it is still in beta (but closing in on release). How many candidates we see before release, we
  10. EDIT: This does NOT work with 11.51 beta verisions! Revert back to latest stable version of X-Plane Some antivirus programs are giving a false positive. Safe to ignore. xEnviro is now on version 1.15 1.15 Goal #01: Vulkan compability - done This is the "Vulkan update" to make xEnviro compatible with the Vulkan version of X-Plane 11. It should be updated in your store - if not, download it here. I'll start off with saying that many of the known issues that we had in 1.14 still persist. This is because we want to get the Vulkan conversion out as
  11. I know I have been absent of late but - better late than sorry? So, what's new? We're in Beta Of course Laminar managed to do some weird choices when they went for Vulkan so our transition has taken a bit longer than we expected. So nothing new there I guess But we're over that minor hurdle now and steaming ahead in beta versions that are chewed on by our beta testers. We'll see how fast we can straighten 1.15 out but I want to remind you all of one huge item: Seasons will be gone The way we draw seasons in X-Plane and the way to make them dynamic is no longer ava
  12. I have never had it delete my entire folder when deleting the dropped junction - but then again I use junctions and not the symlink option. And if it deleted itself you should be able to restore it all from the Recycle Bin.. As long as you treat symlink / junction as an actual folder you are fine. Too bad you deleted your entire folder but symlink is just a way for your system to trick itself to believe the folder is in another location than where it really is. And it works flawlessly within the entire operating system. Including explorer. Only problem can be with programs that don't allo
  13. Requirements: Canada4XPlane Static Aircraft Library (Found here) Misterx6 Library (Found here) These links don't work
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