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  1. Your assumptions are far off. These are not in any way objects. MSFS clouds are made from the same technology as xE. It's noise rendered volumetrics. And that has nothing to do with 3d objects. The limitations right now is performance. Once we have the performance headroom we need we will unleash xEnviro - we haven't even started on shapes.
  2. 1: Constructive criticism is definitely allowed. So if you actually deliver that and not just hijack someone elses thread with blatant negative comment with no content, then I have no problem with it. 2: Screenshots are for the people who want to follow progress. You are free to leave or unfollow threads if you feel you are spammed. 3: Vulkan is in beta and the reasons why why we don't cover a beta and also need to finish what we have started is covered in that thread if you care to read. But I suspect nothing I would say or explain would mend your anger anyway. Just don't be rude or hijack other peoples posts and we have no problem.
  3. We know exactly how they do what they do. Headroom and more resources is 90% of it.
  4. I salute you for a constructive conversation. I do tend to talk to not only the one who is writing these comments but a "broader audience". A bad habit I guess from "defending" our choices and explaining for the 100's time why we have chosen the paths we roll down. Personally I will be using MSFS as well. But I will be using the sims very differently and development of xE will continue as planned. I'm caustiously optimistic that we have solved our main problem atm and that we are approaching a better overview towards beta assembly and that the assembly won't deliver additional surprizes. So no real update yet.
  5. I hope to have a thorough update soon. Just had some time off and we're very soon back at it as usual. We have had some breakthrough on the tearing issues but I'm hesitant to say that we're through that hurdle. Once that is done with we'll be speeding towards beta assembly though. In the meantime - some screenshots from the layest test flight. Winningen to Innsbruck in the fantastic SR22 by Torquesim!
  6. What boat? Clearly X-Plane is dead and you will be moving on and not look back at any of this. Next updates are free so what would we miss? What are you missing when we update?? If you want my thoughts on MSFS and the impact it will have listen to the "Inflight 23: Let's Talk FS2020" podcast. You're NOT looking at the bigger picture. In fact you're narrowing it down considerably. You'll know why I say that when you have listened to the podcast. Take my answer as straight forward and no "feelings" attached if it feels blunt. People tend to get hurt and call me a wounded ego when I answer straight up. But the constant MSFS doom announcements are getting tiresome as hell. I'm fed up with constantly defending the fact that we don't just do "x" or "y". When none of the suggested paths make any sense. IF we even get suggestions of a path forward. And not just some criticism of being late. Which is valid. We are late. This update plainly takes time we didn't think it would, since it has halted on problems we didn't know existed. MSFS is coming regardless of what we do. So if we were to take that in to any calculation for what this update is about, we would be complete idiots. In fact, if we were cynical about it we should now wait until after the release of MSFS and let the hype die down before we even consider releasing. That we won't! It's like everyone believes that MSFS is the end of all other flightsim platforms. I'm under NDA from Microsoft so I can't talk much about it but there will be a usage for all other sims for a time to come. Visuals is not everything. Just like visuals isn't everything that we try to vcreate in xEnviro either. People tend to forget that we make this for proffessionals. The end goal is a tool that we want to be able to use in the long run. This is not a quick buck for us! If it were we would have charged for every update. I have kept everyone in the loop on what challenges we have faced so you all know exactly why it is taking this long. The 1.14 update items is not something that we can ignore or just push aside. All development further depends on it. Vulkan included. You can use 11.50 in Open GL mode. If you don't want to do that and stay with Vulkan then that is fine. To be honest I can't care about who "can wait" and who "can't". Development is in a set path regardless of how you or any one else might "feel about it". It's like yelling to someone to finish their homework while they're clearly neck deep doing it. If we were to change course now - what would look like?? Revert to 1.13 and go with that to Vulkan? Then what? Start over with what we have to do anyway to even be able to develop further? (Which we are doing btw) And what about XP12? Is that something we're supposed to fear as well?? When LR starts to look at weather they will be forced to deal with the same obsticles they don't want to fix for us. So we'll be there. 10 steps ahead of them at every turn they take. And we'll welcome them to the fantastic wonders of noise rendered Volumetrics. So, what am I to do? I know exactly what to do. Press on , finish 1.14 and update you all here on the progress and challenges we likely will face in the next updates as well.
  7. Completely made up. I haven't said anything of the sort. I don't give ETA's and that is still the answer.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a pack of different liveries for Laminar Research' default C-172, the Vskylabs C-47, and the Aeroworx C-47. It's great for fun missions, especially for the owners of KRAL Riverside Airport by Rising Dawn Studios. You can find KRAL in our store.
  9. @Freddy De Pues sadly decided to withdraw all of his content from our forum. I do not have the answer to why he chose to do so.
  10. It's really not. It is based on the conditions and has been tweaked for realism based on what real pilots see. We speak to many pilots in addition to Andrey being a 737 pilot. It will be looked at but we will not change the fact that it is dynamic and that you will find yourself in hazy conditions.
  11. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/104605-tu154-updates/&page=23&tab=comments#comment-1631565
  12. Wow - this makes so little sense my brain hurts... How do you know that the performance is bad for you when you don't own it? And if you don't want to see screeshots, just don't visit... You'll know when it's relleased regardless. And your beta comment? We have a signup topic for the beta team. Even if it's not a public beta we still need testers. These kind of comments and non logical approaches is part of why we don't do public betas in the first place.... You're basically frustrated that development takses time. I get it. But we have to relate to reality and that includes the fact that development plainly takes time. Just the way it is.
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