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  1. Not coming in 1.11 but a test and preperation for later updates. (Sneak peak in to the future)
  2. Some of you are getting unpatient for an update and are loudly complaining. I usually ignore those and it will never affect our workflow in any way. If anything I need to strain myself so it does not slow things down. We have a plan and nothing you say will change our course. But, here is a short update on 1.11: | We are at 1.11t24 | We're working hard on several fronts. The approach on performance increase we had hoped for didn't pan out to be as lucrative as we had hoped. It will however be the basis for a way forward to enable performance increases in the future. 1.11 will probably give a slight gain for some but not much. We had to postpone the 4k specific tasks and we might choose to do those in 1.12 so we get some progress going. We also have no less than three ideas to test out and see if they will get performance to a level where we can start easing up on restrictions. xEnviro is like a wild horse that is eager to let itself loose in the wild but held back by straints because the wild can't handle the horse yet.. We'll see how things settle the next couple of days. NO ETA on 1.11. As per usual. Here is a small sneak peak on a coupøle of additions on the settings menu (might not be final layout)
  3. Just a note - Sergio got an exception to post these three within the same week as his first three. (He won the 5$ this RANDOM round as well)
  4. 1.11 will have some work done on clouds. Now back to work on performance
  5. Start now In the post with your screenshots If you don't want your name we can use your nick here.
  6. What?!? Ruining x-plane? With an optional freeware? Even if it were trash, which it is not by a long shot, your attitude is sickening at best.
  7. Ohoi! What are we up to these days? Performance. Not much more to say really.. We have a path we are trying out. Well, two to be precise. One of them should be a huge lift for everyone with larger pixel counts. 4k users - you are in focus. The other path that is being tested is to refine and rewrite our buffering mechanics. This will hopefully have significant impact for all users. Our main developer had a rescedule in his work scedule lately but will be back on the throttle in a few days. Simultaniously work is being done on the server to avoid squared sectors among other things.
  8. RANDOM EVENT SCREENSHOT COMPETITION OK, this is a thread where you can add your screenshots and have a chance to win a 5$ gift card in the Threshold store. This event is continous and random by nature. Starting now and never ending. How to win? Simple - choose your most fantastic screenshots and post them here. (read rules) Your screenshots may me chosen to be featured on website, promotions, Facebook events and so on. When chosen you also have a chance to win a 5$ gift card. If your screenshot is especially good you can even win 2 cards at once... Told you it's random Admission rules: xEnviro 1.10 or above Max 3 screenshots per post 1 post per week Add your real name if you want to be credited. (optional) Light "in sim modifications" allowed such as reshade maxxfx and so on NO PHOTOSHOP! When adding your screenshots here you agree that We can use your screenshot where ever DarkSpace or Threshold sees it fit You will not necessarily be credited where it is used (but we will try to do so where possible) Your screenshot might be picked but you will not receive the random event gift All gifts are given by Threshold's own selection (You have to be registered in the store to receive gift cards. Go to the store via the link in the top menu.)
  9. A small collage of a couple of the images found in the archives. If there is some interest I could make sort of a timeline thing showing the complete development. Ahanyways We're working hard on performance and we'll start inner test team testing of a couple of solutions tomorrow. One of them being 4k specific. Update on progress coming soon.
  10. Ticket system is working. This is not a bug report forum.
  11. Can you enumerate what cloud types do you plan to support with the volumetric rendition? all Apart from Clouds, do you plan to implement volumetric visualization for tornadoes/thunderstorms? yes How do you give the clouds their final looks? is it based on Thermodynamics Mathematics referenced to METAR data (usually requires more intensive calculations) is it based on Visual Approximation Algorithms referenced to METAR data (more performance and lighter weight ) It's not that easy. And I won't go in to this now as it is paretially not public info. Above question came to mind after reading: http://www.markmark.net/cloudsim/ A paper referring to physically-based, visually-realistic interactive cloud simulation. modeled using partial differential equations describing fluid motion, thermodynamic processes, buoyant forces, and water phase transitions. You can't draw direct lines to other applications since a lot of tech just does not work in X-Plane environment. I don't have the time to read the paper you refer to either. I won't be commenting on most of deep tech details anyway since it's not public information. Sorry.
  12. So we have started 1.11t versions (been on it for some time since the release of 1.10) The following screenshots do not look like much. In fact they look worse than 1.10 - and visually they are. That is not the point - these are stripped of the layers that give the clouds detail and are our refined base shapes which is one of the things we work on in paralell to performance, known issues and bugs. Performance has highest priority, but it just isn't something that is visual. And as I have mentioned performance will take some time since we have to change some core elements and do some proper testing. We might have a path for the short term for 4k users though. Working on that right now and wioll start testing of it soon.
  13. Start of the thread of continous updates of 1.11xx
  14. You seem to have missed what we actually have been doing in the admittadly very long wait for 1.10. And also all of my statements running up to 1.10 release. And if you have followed along I am going to ignore your obvious attempts on provocations. Among other things performance is being worked on 4k performance having priority. 1.10 is now the platform we are working on and now we can actually concentrate on refining within the basis of volumetrics.
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