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BAE Jetstream 3 (JRollon)

1 file

  1. BAE Jetstream 32 Northwestern Air Lease

    Hey guys!
    Here's a Northwestern Air Lease LTD. (C-FNAA) paint for the amazing BAE Jetstream 32 by JRollon.
    Please note that this paint is not 100% accurate to the real plane. The model and textures that JRollon has made a vastly different exterior texture than what the exterior of Northwestern's fleet looks like. (Baked in weathering, doors, rivets, colour, and textual/graphical markings) Due to limitations with the paint kit, it will never be exact. But I think it's good enough for what the kit allows.
    If you find a bug or a detail that is off or wrong, please write a comment so I know to fix it.
    If you like my work please consider buying me a coffee. Thanks! ?Coffee Fund


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