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    It is still a lot better than Ortho mind as that is plagued by clouds
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    As far as I know, they were trying for higher textures but the people selling the photo's were trying to charge an extortionate amount compared to South and Central..... I'm pretty sure they will up the quality at some point. OrbX are not the type of company to slowly start to rip people off with degrading products.... They have had a good rep for a long time now and their prices per quality ratio are second to none...
  3. Been using flight sims going all the way back to Microprose F117a on the Amiga. Pretty basic but we all have to start somewhere. I then moved through Flight Unlimited 2, FS2000, FS2004, FSX, X Plane 9 and then onto X Plane 11 when I started taking it seriously. It had taken until X Plane 11 for me to finally feel fully immersed enough. I still have a great fondness for Flight Unlimited 2 mind, There were some great adventures in that, including the Star Trek themed one with Kirk sat beside you.
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