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  1. Captain Kitten thanks so much. It was recommended to me, while posting in the sound dedicated forum, that I come here to look for engine sounds.....unfortunately it looks like piston aircraft are not so desirable or popular. Cockpit builders corner? Sure great idea! I have much into my build which has been about 4-5 years and over 10K USD spent and still not there LOL! I just wish someone new more about PlaneMaker and where/how it's engine sounds come from. The Baron sounds are awesome but the stock sounds PlaneMaker gives the models just isn't very good at all..... Scott
  2. Hello all! Got into sim building to help me stay current! I am a commercial/multi-engine /instrument rated pilot as well as an Airframe & power plant mechanic/Inspection Authorization. I must admit this hobby is addictive to say the least! So much as I purchased an ATC810 brand real IFR Navajo simulator from a University in Minnesota to which I have taken the better course of 4 years to convert this sim from analog to digital. Almost there I must admit. What brings me here is I am on the hunt for decent piston engine sounds for my Navajo build which I cannot find anywhere on the www. This group seems primarily focused on the 737 and other turbine powered planes.....so we'll see where this takes me - Thanks for the opportunity!!!! geronimopilot
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