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  1. I would looooove to see a Zibo 757 project come to fruition.
  2. Hello fellow simmers, I am from South Florida USA and have been flight simming since around 1998 when MSFS 98 first came out, and I've been hooked ever since. I used FSX up until March of 2018. Surprisingly it was not too difficult of a decision, especially since hard drive room was a factor in deciding to completely wipe out my FSX with approximately $1000 worth of payware I had on it. I love X-Plane...the scenery the crispness and realism of the environment. There are still a few features I miss from FSX that X-Plane really needs to get on the ball with. Mostly the AI traffic, limited number of aircraft (although this is improving) and ATC. I am pretty much strictly a jetliner pilot and do not fly anything larger than a L1011 D class aircraft. I also play with aircraft livery repaints and airport scenery creation. I have already uploaded my first paint.
  3. Version 1.1.0


    I created this livery in memory of all those lives that perished on Helios Airways Flight 522, which was a scheduled passenger flight from Larnaca, Cyprus, to Athens, Greece, that crashed on 14 August 2005, killing all 121 passengers and crew on board. A loss of cabin pressurization incapacitated the crew, leaving the aircraft flying on autopilot until it ran out of fuel and crashed near Grammatiko, Greece. Hope you all enjoy....
  4. Fantastic list, however, I am sad to see two Jetliners missing from it. The L1011 and the 757. FF 757 is okay but unfortunately has poor unrealistic flight dynamics. Can't wit for Captain SIm to start making X-Plane 11 Creations.
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