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  1. Ok, thanks for confirming but still think it would be a good idea to change something in the version nr to help people understand something indeed changed. And at the same time avoid questions such as mine
  2. I've been notified 3 times via email from Aerosoft the last 24 hours there's a new version of SAM. And looking at the download page for SAM and the file information, the updated field indeed seems to indicate that is correct. Right now it says the last update was 2 hours ago. Still the version number stays the same (1.1.0) so just trying to understand what's going on and why all these updates without the version number changing? Normally, the version number (or rather revision number) would have been something like 1.1.0->1.1.1 followed by 1.1.2 etc.
  3. Can now add a couple of more observations: - wing lights switch will trigger 'Cabin secure' call regardless what trigger is set on config page (wing or strobe lights switch) - no 'Cabin crew, prepare for takeoff' call when announcement set nr 12 (and possibly others) is selected regardless of trigger used Not sure what to expect with no replies in here nor in Zibo's forum but I keep my fingers crossed you'll be able to look into this in a future version of the FMOD package included with the Zibo mod.
  4. Posted about this in the old forum and over in the Zibo mod forum as well. This is about the 'Cabin is secured' call that usually plays after you triggered the 'Prepare for takeoff' call. I've noticed how the 'Cabin is secured' message only plays if you use the wing lights switch to trigger the 'Prepare for takeoff call'. If you instead use the strobe lights switch as the trigger, the 'Cabin is secured' call/confirmation won't play.
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