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  1. I've been simming for many years - probably spending more time in FSX/P3D than any others - and had never really been impressed by XP, until a sale offer for XP11 suckered me in. After devoting a lot of time tweaking FSX (DX10 Fixer) then P3D (PTA), I was impressed by the lighting model in XP11 - even without tweaking. However - no sim is perfect and water, clouds and general shading etc. in XP leave a lot to be desired (just as in default P3D). FlyAGI is one of the many scripts I've tried - and it really has helped to make XP11 a much better experience all round. I've ditched all si
  2. Thanks for that - I didn't realise it was a default XP function. Mapped and working fine! I forgot about your main site/forum - now bookmarked!!! Again - a tremendous piece of work! Adam.
  3. The more I use FlyAGI, the more I like it! It seems to play well with my xVision profiles and whatever environment add-ons I use .... well done!!! Where (or how) do we get notified of any updates? I'm not at my sim PC at the moment and can't remember whether you can check for updates from within the script itself. I'd love to see the excellent utility go from strength to strength. Here's a few shots that FlyAGI helped to create! If you're taking requests - the use of hotkeys would be great - especially to reload the weather. Many thanks, Adam.
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