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  1. Hi Everyone, could I get some help in sorting out an issue I'm having with the 737-700U 04-28-2019 install? The issue that I'm having is that when I try and configure my route in the FMC, I'm unable to execute the SID and STAR. I see them present on the screen and there is a <ACT> next to the runway and SID, but it doesn't active nor displace on the MFD. The process in how I installed it is the same way I followed with other aircrafts. I downloaded and copied the folder to the Aircraft root folder. I do not have any previous version of the 737-700 in that folder If you need additional screen shots I'll be happy to provide
  2. Hi All, I would like to first say that the visual aspect of the 737-700 is amazing and thank you for all your hard work. An issue that I'm encountering is that when I go to try and setup my FMC, I'm unable to execute my Departure or Arrival (SIDs or STAR) on the FMC. I have the option to select the runway and the SID, but I do not have the ability to select EXEC. When I go and try and select the button even though it not lite, nothing happens. Is anyone else having the same issue or can point me in the direction of what I'm doing wrong. I'm not sure where to capture the version of the aircraft that I downloaded, but then is the zip folder that gets downloaded 737-700U 04-28-2019.zip Thanks
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    Is anyone else having issues with the FMC? I'm unable to load my flight plan. I can see the SID and STAR but when I select the runway and SID I do not get the option to execute.
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