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  1. Hello, I keep hearing this ticking noise coming only while in the cockpit. The noise is coming somewhere in the middle of the front cockpit but I can't figure out what it is. The sound is exactly like the sound when you rotate one of the MCP knobs. The sound starts as soon as the plane starts to get into motion. While the plane is on and fully stopped the clicking sound stops. The plane is awesome but imagine listening to a rotating knob noise during the whole flight. It is very annoying. - I already have throttle lock on so it cannot be the throttles. Does anyone have any idea what
  2. Hi, anybody know what is the update for the 737 Max 8 that was being developed since last year?
  3. Hello, Can someone please share the weight specs of the 737-700U so I can use with Simbrief. Weight specs and passenger weights etc. Been trying to find this but can’t find it anywhere.
  4. Hello, When in the air, there is a constant ticking sound, same sound like when you move one of the dials from the MCP that is coming from the middle right side of the cockpit. Does anyone know if this is normal or a bug?
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