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  1. Hi Folks I'll try to keep it brief. I'm a real world current ATP rated G IV corporate pilot with over 40 years World wide flight experience in fixed wing G A aircraft. Bought a Mooney Ranger the first day I soloed, and turned it into a 310 J model seven months later. Needless to say, I was hooked. Sold my automotive service business and started flying 135 charter for a local New England based FBO. First type rating was in a non-reversed Citation 500, Then a 60 model Sabreliner, then several years later became employed by a fractional ownership company. After several other jet type ratings with them, I retired here in Florida and still fly contract hire for several different owners.. Last June, we bought a vacation home near Dayton Tennessee. I came across the Dayton Municipal airport one Sunday afternoon and ran into a local Civil Air Patrol officer, who immediately recruited me to join their squadron. It seemed like forever, 1999 to be exact, since I flew a Cessna 182 for the Marco Island Florida senior squadron , so I decided to investigate the flight sim community to get myself up to speed in light aircraft. Started out with FSX Steam, tried X-Plane demo, upgraded my hardware, got hooked, and have never looked back. I've accumulated almost every add on airplane I've ever flown, except a Challenger 601, which I've yet to find. I purposely attended the last SimXpo in Orlando two weeks ago, with the sole interest in exploring VR, to make sure it would fit for me. I received my Oculus Rift S, only 3 days ago, and am eager to make it as user friendly to me as possible. It's almost as real as it gets!
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