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  1. This simple fix is great. Thank you for the tip!
  2. Hey everyone! Stop on by my channel sometime and say hello! I stream M-F @ 7CST and sometimes on Saturdays whenever I have a free moment! Hope to see you in the PAX section sometime!
  3. Bringing Lone Star One home to Love Field! She's she a beauty!
  4. Hey ya everyone. Captain K-Man here. You may know me from X-plane.org or from my Twitch streaming show. I've been doing flight simulation since Microsoft Flight Simulator was black and white wire frame. Over the years I've played pretty much every simulator, combat or otherwise, that has been released on the PC platform. When FSX started to show its age I moved over to P3D and flew that for 3 years. I tried X-Plane 10 and thought it was the biggest pile of junk I'd ever laid eyes on so I stuck with P3D but the constant OOM crashing and compromises were really starting to get on my nerves. I was tired of 32 bit. When X-Plane 11 hit the demo shelf I decided to give it another look to see if it looked like something I'd use and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I use X-Plane 11 exclusively as I have no need for other simulation platforms at this time. I love X-Plane 11 quite a bit even though there are some problems with it that are like nails on a chalk board. I'm in it all the way! I do livery painting, scenery design and World Traffic 3 logic programming. I've worked with the likes of MisterX, Skyline Simulation, Pilot Plus and Drzewiecki Design in getting their airports WT3 ready for release. I do live streaming M-F at 7pm CST on Twitch as well as doing live instructional videos and tutorials. Let's do this!
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