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  1. Thanks to you too Joe, glad I could be of some help. Thanks too for your instructional videos, they help a lot. Ken.
  2. Ok here is the updated VR file to give VR functionality back to the MD80 v1.43r3. Please read the readme file before installing. I can't promise to have captured all functions but in my testing I can now do all the things I could previously using my VR controllers. Note there is no Yoke functionality using VR controllers in my update, I couldn't figure out how this was implemented so I deleted this line in the °Rotate-MD-80-XP11_vrconfig.txt° file so it didn't bring up an X'Plane error warning each time you fly. I will leave these nuances to the original creator at SimVRLabs. Moderators please delete if this is contravening any copyright etc. Ken. Rotate-MD-80-VRfix for v143.zip
  3. FWIW I've modified v1.43 obj file to include most of the SimVRLabs mods. I can now manipulate all controls once again in VR. Not sure if I can distribute the file however. Ken.
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