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  1. Hi everybody, with the release of CMH v1.1 going live and the release of Montgomery (The support from it has been absolutely amazing.) I am happy to announce that ONE of AeroDesigns next project will be Grand Rapids which will be payware. Located West of Michigan, and being a prime spot for regional/freighter junkies, help make this be one of the airports on our to-do list. Currently, my focus is on getting the ground markings and ground texturing done before I completely move onto the modelling side. Dont worry, some very basic models have been constructed. I will be modelling the airport based off of 9/22/2018, so I will be modelling the remodeled terminal. Of course, the two biggest priorities for me are the performance and quality of the airport. So with that in mind, I would like to add 3D trees and possibly an interior terminal, but that will be decided towards the end once I know what the performance is like. I know some people do/do not like an interior terminal, so I might find a way to make it the best of both worlds. Now for some of the planned features: Snow effects based off of MGM Rain effects/puddles .2m ortho resolution(Might switch ortho to go with surrounding ortho) 4K textures WT3 Support Accurate airport layout/ Realistic buildings Animated Jetway's As I mentioned before, this is one of the two airports currently in development by AeroDesigns. I am working on Grand Rapids, and Aviation505 is working on his own airport. This is something we wanted to try so we can fully focus on our own airport. Aviation505 will make his announcement soon so stay tuned for that.
  2. SAM for right now is useful the most for freeware development. On the payware side if you had to choose between a 200 euro(Hasn't been confirmed yet,projected price) tag or use autgate most payware developers will choose autogate. Does exactly the same thing as SAM jetway wise, minus a couple of things. This is where I think it isn't going to do the best. Being in the payware scenery development other dev's I know aren't going to be using SAM due to the projected price. I do understand that they deserved to be paid just as much as we do but the price is way too high for most dev's except for MisterX6 since he knows all of his scenery will do well and that he will make that money back within a few days. But you can expect the freeware development side in the community to start incorporating SAM between now and a month.
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