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  1. Hi everybody, with the release of CMH v1.1 going live and the release of Montgomery (The support from it has been absolutely amazing.) I am happy to announce that ONE of AeroDesigns next project will be Grand Rapids which will be payware. Located West of Michigan, and being a prime spot for regional/freighter junkies, help make this be one of the airports on our to-do list. Currently, my focus is on getting the ground markings and ground texturing done before I completely move onto the modelling side. Dont worry, some very basic models have been constructed. I will be modelling the airport bas
  2. SAM for right now is useful the most for freeware development. On the payware side if you had to choose between a 200 euro(Hasn't been confirmed yet,projected price) tag or use autgate most payware developers will choose autogate. Does exactly the same thing as SAM jetway wise, minus a couple of things. This is where I think it isn't going to do the best. Being in the payware scenery development other dev's I know aren't going to be using SAM due to the projected price. I do understand that they deserved to be paid just as much as we do but the price is way too high for most dev's except for
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