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  1. @Marten@Stairport REQUEST: Maybe this is not the right forum, but it is possible that Stairport Sceneries Amsterdam Schiphol will develop for X plane. With animated jetways, vehicles, AI traffic, ground vehicles. All this using the SAM plugin and of course FPS friendly. Because what has now been developed has only been made suitable for X plane.
  2. @intelfx This activation option is because you may have disabled your onboard network card in your bios just like me. Or that you are not connected to the internet with a cable, but only with WiFi.
  3. Team good job. With Sam Base Plugin version 2.2.0 everything works again. Topic closed. Gute Arbeit Team. Mit Sam Base Plugin Version 2.2.0 funktioniert wieder alles. Thema geschlossen.
  4. In Version 2.1.7 heißt der Flughafen Schiphol Und in Version 2.1.9 heißt der Flughafen Amsterdam Heliport. Ich möchte nur hinzufügen, dass zu dem Zeitpunkt, als Sie mit der Anpassung der Flughafenerkennung begannen, ASXP und Follow Me bei mir nicht mehr funktionieren.
  5. Plugin Version 2.1.8 und 2.1.9 Active Sky XP Metadatei wird nicht erkannt und auch die Taxi-Guides zu den Start- und Landebahnen am EHAM werden nicht gefunden. Plugin Version 2.1.7 funktioniert alles wieder.
  6. Marten, leider noch eine ctd nach klick auf das parkmenü. After v2.0.8..zip Before v2.0.7.zip
  7. Update: I can now confirm that the plugin works, but the activation mode should not be 1 but 2. Topic Closed.
  8. Hi, The programmer's solution works in version 2.0.2 but the same problem in version 2.0.3.
  9. As many have read, I have an activation problem with the WorldJetways plugin. Of course, it’s not nice if you buy something that doesn’t work, but although it’s an individual problem, thanks to the professional help of and certainly Marten van (Stairport Sceneries) and his team, I can now confirm that the problem has been solved. The solution will also be implemented for the next update of the program. For me the topic can be closed. Greets matchvisser
  10. Dear forum members, I but maybe others among you have a problem with activating the World Jetways Plugin, everything is fine but after restarting or shutting down the PC the plugin is deactivated. I also reported this to the people of Stairport Sceneries during the Christmas season and I must honestly say that they have tried to help me but have not yet succeeded. If you also suffer from that, I would definitely report this. Greets Matchvisser.
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