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  1. I must say this is really poor on Ini Simulations behalf. They don't even try to help either. I bought the plane which stated in the product description that VR was supported. Now, you cannot do a full flight from start to finish with these VR issues, as you cannot use the EFB to set things up. I have tried using the "workaround" with MoveVR, but that does not work for me either. When I asked for general advice on how this worked, I was just given the same old reply by a Ini Simulations staffer about how VR was not supported. They did not even offer the advice I was after, which was for
  2. There have been some strange messages from random posters (perhaps one random poster) on other forums too. This from Aerosoft forums, funnily enough posted in the OS and Hardware section: "'Max Team Design' Release ZIBO/Ultimate 737 Derived MAX Series of Aircraft Title pretty much says it all. This is the aircraft that was allegedly stolen from the Ultimate team, however the developer has a very different story posted on the 'FAQ' page of their I am not associated with this organization, however figured people here might be interested! Did a short flight with the MAX 8 earli
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