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  1. Thanks doing that now. But don't know which other (SAM) components then have to be downgraded to retain compatibility with 2.0.7 SAM - 1.0.7 WorldJetways - 1.0.3 Static Aircraft - 1.0.2 Global Trees - 1.0.1 Seasons - 1.0.3
  2. Updated SAM using the update utility today. XP11.41 now crashes back to desktop during startup with the last line in the log file being... "--=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: AOS}==--"
  3. Unfortunate to find the new SAM installer breaks the WorldJetways extension on my system. It was working fine before I ran the SAM Installer, which I used to update the Main SAM Plugin. Even though the UI stated that WorldJetways was installed (which it was before running the installer). After running the Installer the WorldJetways component was broken. It's status is not even showing in the Plugin Window. It seems to have removed WorldJetways, whilst still showing it as installed Oh well, I'll just manually delete all SAM stuff and reinstall old versions for now,. P.S. Pre
  4. Arriving at (Default) GCTS the grey icon appeared approaching the terminal building; and as I got in range of the jetway it turned blue. Upon shutdown and light off the Jetway docked. So releived and please to report no issues on arrival today. I'll keep a copy of the log in case it differs from instances when it doesn't work. Be great to loosen the range and angles somewhat, as that might be an issue with Gateway airports (designers haven't had to design to these constraints before), especially on widebody stands. BTW I'm currently doing some Airport re-design for Gateway
  5. Hi there, happened on arrival at CGLP whilst in Automatic mode (I hadn't stopped as far forward as the pre-set parking spot shown in the above post) also seen this at LPPR, and previously at Default EDDN and EPGD (This last one was probably due to the parked Jetways being parallel with the ramp centreline and quite a distance away to the left. I'm currently on an XP11 flight to GCTS & this time there was no SAM icon (blue or grey) in the top corner of the screen before departing LPPR, but the Jetway was actually connected. I'll report whether the plugin or jetways are active on
  6. Another issue - that's defect number three awaiting examination/feedback. Spawning at the gate at Aerosoft Manchester, in the Zibo B738 the jetway isn't docked, however once I open the plugin control panel, select the parking tab. And if I change from Auto to manual and back to Auto the Jetway immediately shunts to a docked position. Why didn't it move initially? Having to fiddle about with modes doesn't appear a reasonable definition of "Automatic"
  7. Okay, have restarted X-plane and I get the grey 'A' now - but am right by the Jetty of a default X-Plane 11 airport. Issue one: SAM 'goes to sleep' during the flight and doesn't work at the arrival airport. Issue two: This (see below) should be close enough to dock... Looking forward to having these fixed, many thanks.
  8. Sigh - WorldJetways/SAM v2 not working at all at Gateway GCLP with Zibo Mod 3.39.4 No Blue or Grey 'A' or 'M' displayed upon arrival & parking. Engines off. beacon off, doors open... nothing. When set to 'manual' mode in the plugin UI the L1 door appears, but does nothing when clicked upon. TBH the unreliability here is getting a bit annoying.
  9. Hi there, a quick query rgdg aircraft with multiple doors. Is it possible to alter the default door used for a particular aircraft? As it would be awesome if the world jetways automatic mode could be arranged to use L2 rather than L1 on aircraft like the Flightfactor 757 (I'm just wondering if there's an aircraft config file which could be tweaked to do this). Best Rgds, Chris.
  10. Hello? Another question, It is mentioned (somewhere) that SAM doesn't need to be in the Custom Scenery folder anymore. So in order to be absolutely clear... I have deleted the SAM and WorldJetways folders from the Custom Scenery folder and removed the respective entries from the scenery_packs.ini file, however... The scenery_packs.ini file also has these two lines which reference the Plugins folder SCENERY_PACK X:\XP11\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_Library/ SCENERY_PACK X:\XP11\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_WorldJetways/ I'm guessing I keep
  11. Thanks for the info, but just to clarify - if I update SAM, do I need to do anything with respect to WorldJetways, or will that extension be 'preserved'? At the moment I have installed SAM v2.0.2 (pre-hotfix) and WprldJetways 1.0.0. And is it ok to overwrite SAM when a new version is released; or do I need to delete the existing SAM plugin folder beforehand? I suspect if I have to remove and reinstall a new version of SAM I'd need to reinstall WorldJetways. (Trying to keep this as simple as possible having come to X-Plane from the muddle that was P3D/SODE/BGLMANX)
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