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  1. In fact it's also icing windows problem.
  2. it's very bizarre this forum , I talk to me myself.
  3. I have my answer !! It's a problem with the cabin oxygen. It's very realistic, waou! you're welcome!
  4. Hi, After 20 minutes of flight, in 3D cockpit mode, the outside view through the glasses become full grey. this effect is produced from altitude of 24 000 feet. when I descend, grey haze disappears. An idea to avoid it? thanks informations!
  5. I find my problem !!! It was linked to mini joystick of Saitek X52. The neutral zone is not precise enough and causes many interference. In others : shut off all electrical systems and engines when a/p is engaged. Solution : take the last drivers to obtain full page of properties including throttle axis. Set a very large neutral zone to mouse x/y axis. That's all !
  6. Français? si oui : en suivant la procédure standard, démarrage, roulage , briefing avant décollage..., je décolle et 1 minutes apés, les moteurs se coupent. A noter : la case "utiliser le modèle de vol expérimental" est cochée En décochant la "utiliser le modèle de vol expérimental" et démarrant un nouveau vol avec moteur allumés : pas de problème, les moteurs ne se coupent pas au décollage. Pensez-vous que cette option a une influence sur cet avion ou y a-t-il réellement un loupé de procédure? 04/07 13:03 : Nouvel essai sans l'option "utiliser le modèle de vol
  7. Hi! same issue like 737-900U. After 1 minute after Take-off, all engines shutdown. Impossible to restart them then I fall and crash my plane. Please advise me any solution or procedure I'v maybe forgot. Thanks !! Tatbozieu
  8. Hi, thank you very much for your great job on B737-900U!! It's very nice plane and full operational! One little question : during T/O (landing guear released) all systems turn off, Engines Stop then I fall :=( Could you guide me, I've probably forgot a thing during my briefing. Thanks a lot!! Tatbozieu
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