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  1. Windows 10 - Latest stable X-Plane 11.32 Route SBSP-SBRJ: SBSP/35L PUKRA1G DORLU UZ37 VUREP UGRA2A RNAV (RNP) W RWY 02R Problem: Crash at TOD - always the same spot, 1 or 2 miles from the TOD.
  2. Dear Martin, Thank you for your reply. But this is another issue that I am having, none of the jetways show up in the list. I am sending SS attached. I don't see them like in the tutorial video. The same for the Hangars.
  3. Hello there, and thanks for the amazing plugin. I have installed the Jetways in Recife and in Belfast (SBRF and EGAC). The dock station and marshallers work fine for the planes, but the jetway is not connecting to the A320 Ultimate, I have no problems to connect it to the 767 and 737. I have followed both tutorials on youtube and the comprehensive tutorial in this club. Is there any trick that I need to do? The beacon lights are off and engines also off. Cheers, Machado
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