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  1. Start with the 172 and learn the basics. That shouldn't be so hard as there is so little to operate on that airplane. Put in gas, start it up and go. Of course you'll need proper flight controls to make it effortless. What are you using now and what problems are you having?
  2. Well so far X-Plane is still my go-to sim when I want to fly without problems. MSFS works OK but still lacks depth of aircraft systems and it's full of bugs. If they get all that sorted out it could be a great sim especially because of the scenery. They also need some better airplanes before it's as satisfying as X-Plane is at the moment.
  3. I started with FS-1 on the Apple II. Started flying in real life a few years later. Had every flight sim software product I could find for both Mac and PC over the years until settling on X-Plane. Every military sim too; combat sims, every version of Falcon, f18, f22, now DCS! Don't remember what version of X-Plane I started with but I'm guessing it was in the 90's. Never tried P3D as it looked so much like FSX to me and X-Plane 11 was just so much better, I didn't need to look further. Now with MSFS2020, that may change. I'm only interested in study level models and it's too bad more third pa
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