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  1. Hello, many thanks to You, FlyAgi, for answering my question. Indeed, on one Linux-PC it is now working, after updates of XP to the newest beta-release and also of FlyWithLua. The other PC needs some testing, but I'm good hope, I will report. By the way: I guess that's not advisable to run FlyAgi together with 3jFPS ? Best regards, Kai
  2. Hi, don't know, if I have to open a new topic on my issue. My system: Linux mint 20, newest XP11, running OpenGL, plugins: sam, xsquawkbox. All boxes are shown, but empty, except 2 or 3 at the very bottom row. There contents are flashing, one box at a time, then a neighbour box shows content and backwards. (can't insert a picture from dropbox into my reply - sorry, don't know why) Thanks for any help.
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