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  1. Tanzania[Arc for inlands, EOX for the coast]Clouds: Arc 95%, EOX 95%Color Match: 100%ZL: Tested on ZL17 only
  2. If I can make a contribution for Tanzania. I noticed that Arc at ZL17 is the best source for the inland parts. From Kilimanjaro down to the Ruvuma River, Arc is very good with very few clouds. Same deal with the Western Lakes and Central Tanzania, Arc looks wonderful and very detailed. The trouble comes when you reach the coast. From Tanga to Mtwara, Arc and the other providers are subpar and showcase many clouds and patches of different textures. The only "acceptable" provider in that case is EOX. It doesn't have any clouds, but the resolution is not very good. EOX does have nice colours
  3. Alright. I do have one general environment script modifier, perhaps it is this one. I also have a heat effect and horizon haze script, but I don't think they can be the cause. I will test again by removing the scripts one by one and I will keep you updated.
  4. Ah yes of course. Hold on, I have to fetch it from my other computer.
  5. I am encountering a problem where FWL always stops at the beginning of a session with the error that says "FTU_Save_Load.lua:544: bad argument #2 to 'format' (number expected, got nil)" I don't know how to get your utility to work unfortunately. I only managed to make FWL work once with the utility after restarting the lua engine multiple times but it does not seem to work anymore. I am using FWL NG, I updated it to the last version to see if it was a backward compatibility issue but to no avail.
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