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    This is a checklist for the Boeing 737-800X also known as the Zibo Mod. This is the checklist that I use. It may not be 100% exactly correct compared to the real aircraft checklist, but it does the job. This is a long checklist built for the up-most realism. Also a part of X-Plane Checklist Studios. ©XPCL Studios This Checklist is made and can be printed and used for simulation purposes ONLY This is a Checklist for the Boeing 737-800X from Liminar Research & Modification by Zibo, Checklist Made By Pilot_Kayden and is a part of XPCL Studios (X-Plane Checklist Studios) DO NOT DISTRIBUTE MY WORK (meaning do not copy my work and do not share work elsewhere) CREDIT: - Zibo - For Zibo’s default checklist - http://www.b737.org.uk - for aircraft limitations - http://www.kennair.com.au - for go around procedure
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