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  1. Glad we are together on this. I also dont like getting too involved in the Facebook forums. Uou just get loads of trolls who think they know it all and the abuse you get is rife. People don't want to help anymore just make fun of someone who may gave taken the step to join flight sim world. Seen it so many times. Stay in touch nice chatting
  2. Thank you, just a tad annoyed that Inibuikds said on their site it was vr compatible when clearly it is not. But....it is good enough to enjoy flying Vr. I think all developers should be made to offer a free trial so as people get the chance to try the product. After all it is not cheap by any means. I have taken a break from Vr and have to say i am enjoying the clarity and the higher settings on xplane doing xcamera and track ir. Everything is working a treat.
  3. Sorry, yes I have approached both Inibuilds and Simlabs. Inibuilds say they do not support VR that they gave the job to Simlabs . Then they said Somlabs were looking into it. But have heard nothing more back
  4. Hi Can you tell me if there will be a fix for the Inibuilds A300 for the white screen that appears on the radar sweep in Vr. This only happens in Vr. Thanks in advance Graham Popham
  5. Is there any plans to include pop out panels in VR using controller. That and the EFB are all that's letting this great aircraft down please please !!!!
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