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  1. theaviatorO8

    download issue 737

    It worked, thank you
  2. theaviatorO8

    download issue 737

    Hello, yes, I have a drive account. Thanks for the tip. I will try it. Can the host not increase the downlods? Or does it reset automatically?
  3. theaviatorO8

    download issue 737

    good morning, I can't download the 1901 737 update, google drive says. "download quota reached for this file, can't download at this time". - I don't use google drive daily, let alone weekly. How can I get the update? thanks
  4. theaviatorO8

    New version of 737-900ER

    I second this, good question
  5. theaviatorO8

    737-9 update roadmap?

    When is the next update of the 737-9 coming? The pre release says last updated October 2nd. But an 11.30 thread talks about later dates. Can you bring back all functionality in the plugin interface menu? Also, fmod 3d sounds would be great. Please make more frequent news postings and releases to try.
  6. theaviatorO8

    737 900 nose wheel steering

    Quite a delayed reply. I disagree. The nose steering should just work as normal tho out of the box. Or have a very simple flat button user interface with a steering label icon. But even with Flight Factor and other planes having additional menus, it’s usually for winglets, engines and other graphic choices. Basics just work right away.
  7. theaviatorO8

    737 900 nose wheel steering

    Hey thanks I’ll do that. Tho why can’t the plane just steer normal by default without these hidden menus. Complicated.
  8. Hello, I notice on the pre release 737-900 , that the nose gear barely turns despite full rudder, so taxing is nearly impossible, always wide turns essentially driving into objects. anyone notice this, report this or know how to adjust the radius in plane maker? I have a screenshot but there's not a way to attach an image from your desktop I am on Mac Mojave and x-plane 11.30 thanks

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